Thanksgiving at the Hadley's

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day at our house.  In the almost 14 years we have been married, Jeff and I have only been with our families on Thanksgiving Day twice, both before we moved to Oregon.  And while we do miss hanging out with our families that day and many others, we prefer to be with them for Christmas every other year, so instead we have a wonderful carefree day by ourselves, not fighting the travelers and doing whatever we would like.

This year I brined our turkey, thanks to a recipe from Jeff's sister-in-law Jenn, and it was the most moist turkey I have ever had. 

Jeff made the rolls this year, and since we aren't pie eaters, he made some awesome chocolate chip cinnamon rolls with some of the roll dough...they were so tasty!  
(These are hot out of the oven pre-icing).

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