First day of 1st grade!!!

WOW!!! Summer flew past and the first day of school has arrived.  This year Ethan is excited to be going to 1st grade with Mrs. Hayes and most of his Kindergarten friends.  His class will have 27 kids in it this year, losing about 5 from Kindergarten and gaining a couple new kids.  He is in a big desk and sits right on the very front row next to Mrs. Hayes.  I was excited to get to take him to for his first day of school, as I normally start work at 6am so Daddy gets him ready and takes him to school.


Kitchen remodel continued...

We have been slaving away the last 6 weekends to finish the kitchen remodel and move onto the next project.  We are attempting to put our house on the market and look for something on the other side of the city that would cut Jeff's commute time in half.  All our hard work has paid off and the kitchen looks awesome.  It even appears bigger with the new cabinets.  We have learned how to do a few new things along the way as well.  Now just touch up painting and then we are onto the re-staining decks.

 New flooring & paint for cabinet under the stairs.