May has been full of soccer practices and games, bike rides and the Slime Run thrown into the middle...

 Morning cuddles...Ethan and Charlie

Before (Feebs, myself & Erika)

After (Erika, Feebs & I)


Jeff, Ethan and I went on a 12 mile round-trip ride along the Springwater Corridor during Memorial Day weekend.  This was the farthest Ethan has ridden and he did a great job. 

 I am training for a girls-only 20-mile ride in August with some girlfriends.

Jeff and I have made a goal for May 2015 to ride with some friends to Reach the Beach with my goal being to ride the 55 mile ride.
April...Soccer #3

Ethan has wanted to play soccer since last fall, when I signed him up for basketball and of course he was not interested, so as soon as sign up was available, we were first in line.  After we had gotten him signed up we were told that someone would be contacting up by the 1st week of April to let us know which team he would be on and all the details.  After not hearing anything for well over the 1st week of April, I sent an email to the head lady to see when that information would be available.  She informed me that there were enough kids for 5 teams, however, there was only 1 coach that had signed up so they wouldn't be able to sign any more kids up and would have to refund the registration fees to everyone.  She let me know that if someone did volunteer to be a coach then Ethan was the next in line to be added to a roster....so at this point, as I was determined to not break his heart since he was so excited to play, I volunteered to be the coach. (full disclosure: I played soccer as a kid but that was 25 years ago so I really had no idea what I was getting myself into)

Ethan is #3 and we have 7 kids on the team.  We are the Cheetahs. Ethan was so excited when I told him so hopefully he will appreciate that effort later in life when he becomes a great soccer player....out of all the sports he has played, it definitely is his sport.

 Tulips in bloom in our yard.
 Desi and I went to see the last George Strait concert ....one of my all time favs.
 Helped Hunter celebrate his 7th birthday.

 Easter egg coloring and basket.

 And Ethan got a new bike with gears and handbrakes. 

His first time riding it along Marine Drive, and you can never go wrong with this view while riding.




We made our first trip to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry)

 Found lots of love notes around the house from Ethan....such a sweet loving boy he is.

 Love the sun...and flip flops, sunglasses & smiles

 Lost tooth #7 on 3/13
 Went for his first bike ride along Marine Drive without being attached by the Tag-A-Long bike.  He did awesome. 
 My friend, Erika, and I ran in the Shamrock Run.

He is a lucky boy and we love him dearly.
 His homework always makes for a good laugh.

 Lost tooth #8 on 3/19/14


We had a massive snow storm the second weekend in February and the city shut down.  Ethan had fun playing in it but the dogs were not interested.

 So we made the most of being stuck inside and were silly...

 And who doesnt take a nap in this comfy position?!?

The snow was gone within 2 days and the next weekend we went to Walport for a beach weekend with the Hall/Seifert clan.  On our way, we stopped in Salem to pick up Jeff and Ethan had his very own field trip of the lab.  He got his own lab coat and got to make his own slide from his mouth being swabbed as well as making a wax tissue block.

We then made our way to Waldport for a 2-night stay.  It was a cold & windy weekend but nice to get away regardless.  We checked out the OSU aquarium and almost blew away on the beach.

 Our view of the beach from the front window of the beach house.

Ethan & Hunter

 Aaron & I about to get blown away

Jeff getting ready to become a kite.

And finally topped off our month with date night with the H's
Desi, Amy & I...I love these girls!


Wow...Time has really gotten away from me....I am doing so many things right now that I havent had much free time and I also havent taken a picture with my big camera in quite a while so all the pictures are from my cell phone. Almost 6 months worth of adventures.....

January -   Jeff and I celebrated our 17 year anniversary and we had all our friends over for family game night...always so much fun. 

I also had a Groupon for Sky High jump and Ethan and I had a great time bouncing all over the place.

Ethan got his first 100% on his spelling test for all three parts.

We had some really nice weather and took a friend up to Rocky Butte for a picture.

My friend Amy and I started a 90-day challenge on youtube called Bikini Body Mommy and we did awesome.  I lost inches more inches than pounds but very proud of myself regardless.  Ethan also started working out with me.