Summer is finally arriving and school is almost out...

We celebrated Jeff's birthday at Benihana's with friends...

Kate, Jeff, Desi, Amy (Feebs), Adam & Keith

Ethan's 1st grade class performed their plays on June 5.  Ethan and Peyton were both in the same play this year, The Brementown Rappers.  Ethan was the rooster & Peyton the donkey.  They both did an excellent job and were quite funny.  Everyone laughed in the audience when Ethan was doing his lines as Da Roosta. 

With school being only one week away, 6/13/14, Ethan has been bringing home all of his projects and work.  It is fun to see all that he has accomplished this year.  His reading and writing has greatly improved throughout the year and we are thoroughly impressed and amazed with him. 

Last day of 1st grade, June 13, 2014

Grammie Berg arrived a week before school let out for summer break.  She will be here for the next 5 weeks taking care of Ethan during the day while I work.  Jeff and I took advantage and went on a couples get-away overnight to Seattle with the Hall's, Hyatt's and Campbell's for a Mariners vs. Rangers baseball game..  We had a great time hanging out with friends and just being a couple.

Kate, Jeff, Adam, Desi, Aaron, Amy, Kelly & Taylor

You cant come to Seattle without a trip to Pike's Market.  First time I was able to get flowers and they are so pretty.

And school is out....We met some of his friends at Red Robin for lunch right after school got out.  We will really miss hanging out with all of them as Ethan will be attending a new school next school year. 
 Amelia, Allison, Ethan and Peyton

Peyton & Ethan...BFF's