Christmas & Vacation

On Thursday, December 23rd, we took an airplane ride to Las Vegas and then traveled to Hurricane, Utah, to celebrate the Christmas holiday with our families.  Jeff's and my parents live one mile from each other, which we always have a great time with everyone, but has several pros and cons with having most of our immediate family living right near each other.

We had lots of laughs, atv rides, target practice, lots of playtime with the cousins, a hike to Angel's Landing, and never enough sleep, but a good time had by all.

 Silliness with cousin Avery

 ATV ride with Papa Hadley

 Cookie decorating for Santa

 Newell, my brother, practicing his Rudolph impression

 Presents and more presents at both G&P's houses.

 Target practice..Brian got a new gun for Christmas so Jeff is trying it out.

 Funny story...Jeff surprised me with this beautiful necklace for Christmas, and after I realized it was from him, he said that he was going to get me a gun instead of a necklace but it seemed a little odd buying a gun to go along with the Christmas spirit, he then told me that if I would rather I could return the necklace and get a gun...so that is what I did and I got a Ruger hand gun.

 Lunch at Pizza Factory with my best friend, Sara, of 25 years!!

My brothers, Doug and Newell, and myself...silliness all the time.

 Doug, and his daughter, Kiara (5)

 Ellie (6), Kristina, Newell, Jacob (8)

 My Family

 Doug and I before hiking Angels Landing @ Zion National Park with our Dad.

 15 years ago Jeff and I climbed Angels Landing and took our engagement pictures along the route.  We used the one taken at this tree as our wedding invitation pictures.  I took a memory picture by myself as Jeff didn't hike it with me this time. 

 View from the top of one of the most beautiful places!

 Where my feet took me.

 Looking down at Walter's Wiggles
Here is a picture I got off the internet to get a perspective of Walter's Wiggles.

 The trail about half way down.  It is 5 miles roundtrip and straight up.

 Great White Throne

 The view of our climb from Big Bend.  Just above the sun on the left side of the picture is the top of Angels Landing @ Zions National Park.  So glad I had the chance to hike it again and did it with my brother and dad.


A&A Hall

Our friends, A&A, are now the fabulous Mr. and Mrs. Hall.  We were very honored and excited to be able attend their wedding yesterday and wish them a long and happy life together!
 Mr. A & Mrs. A Hall
 Kate, Amy #2, & Amy #1

 Gentry & Summer

 Adam & Jeff

 Adam & Desi

 3 handsome boys...Miles, Hunter and Ethan

 The Girls

 The boys

 Amy & Colleen

and of course the shoes...


School fun for Christmas!

The past couple of weeks they have been making several Christmas projects at Ethan's school.  Today they made a gingerbread house.  Here are some pictures of his creations.  Today was his last day of school for 2011...bring on 2012.

Christmas program

Ethan's preschool class had their Christmas singing program this past Wednesday. He has been practicing his songs, and of course making up some of his own lines, for the past couple of weeks and he did a great job.  We are very proud of him.  I did make a video but still trying to get it to upload.

Peyton, Ethan, and Beau (his buddies at school)