Do I look like Mommy or Daddy or a good mixture of both???

Jeff was looking through his pictures yesterday comparing them to Ethan. I also looked through a couple of me as a child but I don't know how old I was at the time of the two photos. We think he has a good mixture of both of us, what do you think?


Ethan - 19.5 months old

Jeff - almost 5 years old


This past Thursday Ethan's friend, Peyton, celebrated his 2nd birthday. Last night Ethan and I went to his birthday party. Ethan helped Peyton open his presents and figured he better play with them as well. Happy Birthday Peyton!! Thanks for inviting us to celebrate with you.

Peyton and his Mommy, Nicole.

Ethan playing Peyton's guitar. He really liked it.

Peyton got a Cat in the Hat and Ethan was trying to take the hat off so that he could put Peyton's new bike helmet on it.

Ethan has his own helmet so he knew what it was for but had to put it on backwards.

Birthday boy eating his cake.

Ethan eating cake....he ate a whole piece.


Handy Ethan and fun in the sun.

Several years ago, before Ethan existed, I bought a metal Tonka dump truck that came with a hard hat and sand tools. It has been in a box for many years along with most of the rest of our house as we have been trying to sell for the last couple of years. Last weekend Daddy found it in the garage attic while looking for something else and brought it inside for Ethan. He loves it! He really really likes the hat and has been wearing it every chance he can for several days now. For a baby gift someone gave us a children's tool belt like Papa Berg wears. I put it on Ethan the other day while he was wearing his hard hat and he knew exactly what to put in it as one of his favorite shows is Handy Manny.

Ethan trying to put the hat on Copper, he is not so enthused about it.

The last couple of days we have had wonderful weather so yesterday Ethan, Copper and I headed to the park. I was able to get Ethan to wear his sunglasses for longer than 2 seconds.


Playtime with Peyton

Yesterday Ethan and I met Nicole and Peyton at Pump It Up! Both boys had a blast playing and Nicole and I enjoyed ourselves as well.

The boys stopped and had a little conversation at the top of the slide.


Roses are red....

My wonderful husband had 18 red roses delivered yesterday for me. They are so beautiful and smell wonderful. What a great guy I have. We don't normally celebrate V-day but for the last 2 years he has gotten me flowers. I really appreciate him and the flowers.


Family bike ride

Yesterday was a warm gorgeous day and Daddy took the day off so we enjoyed ourselves and took a family bike ride. Ethan had a great time eating his snacks while he had a leisurely ride and took a nap on the way home.


Beautiful Baby Search...

I just entered Ethan in the Live with Regis and Kelly Beautiful Baby Search, which is a prize package of being on the cover of Parenting Magazine and $125,000 towards a college scholarship. This is the picture I sent in...


Ethan - 19 months old!

Over the last week and a half, Ethan has had a cough that required, like mommy, the use of an inhaler because of asthma problems. Ethan has never had this problem before, but neither did I until a few years ago. His doctor said that we will have to watch him when he gets colds/cough and this may be his treatment. When I took him to the doctor they gave him a Nebulizer treatment as he was really wheezy and then we had to get a special inhaler pump to give him his Albuterol. He is finally over the cough for now and did really well with letting me give him his treatments. Here are some pictures from the last week and a half.

This is the second day of Ethan's cold/cough. He looks absolutely miserable but her really loved the new tent I got him from IKEA.

Even Grandma got in the tent, you can see her shirt in the background.

Feeling much better.

Copper likes to go in the tent too!

Grandma Berg brought Ethan the coolest monkey backpack. The monkey is in a pouch on the front. Ethan loves it and pushes it around constantly settting Riley on top of the other monkey for a ride.

All of our boys are getting so big. While my mom was here, I had her take a picture of the six of us at the boys class last week. Peyton will be 2 in a couple of weeks and Hunter will be 2 in April. (left to right: Amy, Hunter, Me, Ethan, Peyton and Nicole)