The past 5 fun-filled weeks Ethan, Copper and I spent in Hurricane, Utah, with our families and we finally made it back home Saturday after a 2-day, 18-hour drive. Ethan and Copper did awesome on our way home, with Ethan only crying for 10 minutes or so at 10:30 pm when he was so overtired and ready to be out of the car, not that we blame him we were all antsy to get out of the car.

Ethan had such a good time with G&G Berg, G&G Hadley,and all his aunts, uncles and cousins. We miss them already. We are hoping to go back for Christmas but will have to wait and see if Daddy's work schedule will allow that. We are very thankful for G&G Hadley letting us stay at their house with Copper. Copper also had a great time playing with Brian & Lexie's dog Pumpkin in the river, lake, and irrigation water at the school.

This picture made me laugh so I had to share it...Jeff and I went and saw Ice Age 3 in 3D while we were on vacation. Ethan thinks the glasses are really cool and puts them on constantly, notice his nose scrunched trying to hold them on.

While Ethan, Copper and I were gone Daddy changed Ethan's crib to his new big boy bed (Thanks again to Kit, Melinda and Thomas) and Sunday night was his first night knowing that he was sleeping in it. He did AWESOME! I was, and still am, afraid that we would be in for a battle of wills in order to get him to go to sleep, but I carried him in his room, laid him down like our normal night routine and didn't hear from him at all. Tonight the same thing happened, although he didn't have a nap today. I am hoping that this will continue since the only time I can work is when he is asleep.


Bag Balm

A couple of weeks ago Ethan was having rough few days of not eating or drinking and a lot of diarrhea. I had called his pediatrician office and his nurse suggested using Bag Balm to help clear up his lobster red bottom. So off Ethan and I went to Wal-mart to purchase an $8.00 can of Bag Balm. Later that evening I was talking on the phone to Jeff and for a while Ethan was playing right by me, he then disappeared and I though he was playing with Grandpa so I continued my conversation with Jeff. A few minutes later I went to check on him. I saw his feet by the chair and figured he was playing with his cars on the chair, however, when I got the chair I gasped and became immediately distraught as to what he had done. Jeff's mom has two really nice plum fabric chairs in her living room and Ethan had the can of Bag Balm with his hand completely in it on one chair and it all the way down his pjs and his monkey, Riley, was completely covered in Bag Balm sitting on the other chair next to a diaper. Grandma cleaned the chairs a few times and there is still a faint shadow of Bag Balm but Grandma said that Ethan was just getting her furniture ready for when baby Avery is ready to figure things out. We have washed Riley a handful of times and he still has a greasy bottom but I am sure this will not be the last time Riley gets a special treatment from something Ethan watched me do.


Happy Birthday Doug!!

Happy 28th Birthday Doug!! You are a great brother and uncle and we love you!!


Today my mom turned 55 years old. She is a great friend, Mom and Grandma and we are glad we were able to be here to celebrate with her. Happy Birthday Mom!!


Happy 4th of July!!!

We have been having a great time while visiting our families. Jeff had to fly home on the 4th to go back to work and Ethan and I are staying 3 extra weeks with our families. Jeff will be flying back in to Las Vegas in 3 weeks to drive with us home.

Ethan and I celebrated the 4th of July with my family. We had Peanut Shrimp & Chicken Tacos and then homemade ice cream for dessert. Ethan was very excited about the fireworks and did some great dancing with my brother while they were going off.

For Ethan's 2nd birthday day we met everyone at the Pizza Factory for dinner and then Ethan went home with G&G Berg to play in the sprinklers while Mommy and Daddy had a date night at the movies with Jeff's brothers and SIL's. We saw Ice Age 3 in 3D. It was a cute movie.

The following day Jeff, his cousin Chris, my dad and I went on a 4wheeler ride.


Happy 2nd Birthday Ethan!!

Today is Ethan's 2nd birthday and how time has flown by. We are so thankful and blessed to have Ethan in our lives, even with "terrible 2 days" and 2-year molars coming in. Here are some of our favorite pictures. Happy Birthday Ethan!!!