Six quirky things about Kate....

Most people I know probably already know this stuff, but I saw this on someone else's blog and though it would be fun.

Quirky 1: I make lists for everything: shopping, running errands, packing for trips (you should see my list for our upcoming trip on Wednesday, it is 3 pages), etc.

Quirky 2: I am the queen of organization. Everything I do has a purpose and a place, now it may not make sense to anyone other than myself, but...if you know me you understand.

Quirky 3: I enjoying cleaning... I know to some people this is a tad OCD, however I really like my life put together and clean.

Quirky4: I hate being late. Jeff can't understand why the clock in my car is set 15 minutes fast since I know that it is 15 minutes fast what good does that do me, however, anyone who does this knows that they can allow for a few extra minutes and still make it on-time or early. Being on time for Jeff is a different story.....but we'll go into that another time.

Quirky 5: I hate spiders and mice, not because I think that they will hurt me, but because they are so fast. I freak out every time. I have tried to control my fearful screaming and I have killed a spider or two, but I have to talk myself into it and the spider really knows he is going to die - HA, if you ever see me in action you will fall on the floor laughing.

Quirky 6: I have routines for almost everything I do. For instance, I have certain routines for cleaning my house, grocery shopping, packing Ethan's diaper bag, etc. It is probably more OCD than anything else, but as you can see from the above questions, I come in a quirky package and if you know me you understand and possibly have some of the same quirks yourself.


Riding the 4-wheeler with Mommy

Yesterday Jeff brought our 4-wheeler home from our friends house, The Seifert's, who have graciously been sheltering it for us. Ethan had a blast on his first official 4-wheelen' ride. He was giggling most of the time while Copper was chasing us.


One week and counting...

We are very excited to be able to go see our families next week. Jeff's brother Brian is getting married on October 4th to Miss Lexie Lou. Ethan has been helping mommy get things packed for our long drive. I started filling a suitcase with some of Ethan's clothes while he was reading to Copper and the next thing I know he is "helping me" by throwing the clothes out and putting all his stuffed animals in the suitcase and then climbing in it himself. He keeps me laughing.

Daddy has been working really long hours (nothing new, but since we are leaving next week he has to make sure everything is caught up) so we haven't seen him much. The other night he was able to make it home just before I put Ethan to bed. Ethan was so excited to see him and didn't want to let go.

Ethan is going to be a Monkey for Halloween. I put the costume on him yesterday after we got it in the mail and he started giggling and running around with Copper following him as always. I got the costume for $6.64 and the jacket for $7.99 off of Ebay.


Peek-a-boo with himself

He definitely keep us entertained. We love our boy!!!


Ethan's first major owie...

Yesterday Ethan and Copper were out in the front yard "helping" Jeff and I adjust the sprinklers in the flower beds and lay bark dust. The mailman covering for our maillady came to drop off our mail and thought that he would sneak up to the mailbox without getting Copper's attention, since he was being distracted by the neighbor kids, however, Copper, being a very active puppy and having a short attention span, saw him and runs up to him taking down Ethan in the process. It looks worse in the picture and it could have been a lot worse, but he was back out playing with Copper and playing in the dirt shortly after getting him cleaned up.

Here are a couple of pictures pre-fall.


Our Labor Day Weekend!

We had a nice holiday weekend. Jeff stayed home the whole weekend with us, which I am sure he regretted today going back to work, however, it was really nice to spend some time with him. Saturday we scrapped and repainted the garage doors, what a task, but they look so nice.

On Sunday, Ethan and I met Amy and Hunter at the zoo. After patiently waiting in line for 45 minutes, both boys being so good, we were finally able to see the new baby elephant that was born. Amazing how small, but how big he is weighing in at 285 lbs.

And then on Monday, we relaxed and took Ethan to the park and Copper on a long walk. Ethan loves hanging out with his Daddy and was glad to get to spend time with him.