Garth Brooks

I waited at the front window of my parents house for hours, waiting for a boy to come get me and take me to the Garth Brooks concert in SLC, which was also his final tour...and I got stood up.  Twenty years later....he is coming back on tour and I am ecstatic that I got tickets.  He did 5 shows in Portland, the one I attended being the last one, and it was well worth it.  Such a great entertainer and musician.


Sale Pending

YAY!!! We are so excited.  We had an offer and accepted it on the 6th day it was listed.

Now we have a few things to do before the inspection next week and then appraisal as soon as that is complete....very stressful...and then we will start looking for a new one.  We have signed to rent the house back from the buyers for one month, which will help us greatly in not having to rush and settle for anything we can find.


For Sale...

No April Fool's joke here....we have jumped in both feet first and decided to list our house and move to the other side of Portland to be closer to Ethan's school and a shorter commute to Salem for Jeff.  Exciting and scary all at the same time.  Our agent is, Carol, my very good friend Amy's mom.

Below is the link for the house listing.

Please click the link below...