Pumpkin Patch

Today we went to the Pumpkin Patch at Sauvie Island. We met up with our friends, the Springer's, and took a hayride out to the pumpkin field. Ethan had a lot of fun walking through the field picking out his pumpkin.

I think this is the one I want.
Ethan walking with Daddy after getting his pumpkin.

Seifert's Halloween Party!!!

Last night our friends, the Seifert's, had their annual Halloween party. Ethan had great fun playing with his buddies.

What a sad face our little monkey has...
Ethan and his buddies.

Amy, Hunter, Me, Ethan, Peyton and Nicole.
Jeff, Ethan, Brandon and Peyton.

Ethan trying to give Peyton a hug - he wasn't interested.

Finally getting to give a hug to the bee. He really liked her.


Toys, toys and more toys.

Our friends, Kit, Melinda and Thomas have once again passed along some old toys of Thomas' that are now new toys for Ethan. They are such great friends and have helped us out so much. We adore them!!! Kit brought over a car load of toys and clothes today. Ethan was so excited, I couldn't get him to look at me to take the picture.

Ethan with his buddies, a new monkey my mom gave him that doesn't have a name yet, Riley and Copper.

Ethan's climbing skills......YIKES!!!

I was dusting off our kitchen table chairs earlier today and had all the chairs pulled out from the table. The next thing I new, Ethan had climbed up and was sitting on the chair. He will be getting a rock climbing harness for Christmas, assuming they make them small enough for his little waist.

I can eat all by myself!!!

Ethan is learning how to feed himself with a spoon. As with a few other Mom's I know, I would rather feed him myself so as to avoid the major mess and length of eating time that comes with it, however, he needs to learn to do it himself sometime so here we go.......he is doing really well and Copper is helping to clean up after him.

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Earlier this week, Wednesday, October 22nd, I celebrated my 32nd birthday. Ethan and I met our friends Amy/Hunter & Nicole/Peyton for breakfast at Francis Xavier's. Amy is not in the picture as she was taking the picture (Thanks Amy). Later that night, Jeff took me out to dinner at Saylor's Steakhouse. They have the best Filet Mignon.

Every year for my birthday for as long back as I can remember, my dad has bought me flowers. When Jeff and I got married, my dad started calling Jeff every year on my birthday to ask him to buy the flowers as we have always lived away from our families. This year was no exception.


After a 14+ hr drive.....

We finally made it home yesterday. Ethan really doesn't like to sleep and it made for a really long ride, but we had to make it in one day as Jeff had to return to work today. We are glad to be home, but we really enjoyed spending time with our families. We had awesome weather almost the whole time we were there. In SLC, it rained the day of Brian's wedding and snowed the day before we were supposed to come home, so we stayed in Hurricane for an extra day to avoid any road problems but the rest of the days were 80+ degrees, it was great!!! I packed warm clothes as most of the time in October it is getting much cooler, but I had to go buy a pair of flip flops while we were there since I didn't bring any. Here are some extra pictures from the trip.

Ethan riding with Papa Berg on the 4-wheeler. In Hurricane you can ride 4-wheelers right from the house.
Ethan and Papa.
I think Ethan will really be a 4-wheelin kid. He would cry everytime we had to get off the bike. I took him for a ride every day. ( I know, I am a bad Mommy for not wearing helmets).
My dad, my brother, Newell, and my S-I-L Kristina shooting.
Newell and I having a shoot out of the whole clay pigeons that we found out in the field. I am no where near as good a shot as my brother, but I do ok.

The cousins playing Grandma Bergs piano. They will all need some lessons (ha ha).
Newell and Ellie, trying on Papa's ridingbibs. They were so big thatthey could both fit.
Newell and Jacob after the long game of RedSox vs. Tampa Bay.
Ethan and uncle Doug (my brother).
Uncle Doug, Ethan and Mommy.
Ethan playing hide-and-seek in the bucket with Aunt Jenn.


Welcome to Springdale/Zion National Park

My mom works for the branch of Zions Bank that is located in Springdale, the entrance to Zion National Park. Ethan and I went up there with her today to meet some of her friends and to see the Elk and Buffalo farm that is located on the main drag through town that is owned by my mom's friend.

Wanna ride????

We went out 4-wheeling with my family yesterday to the Cane Beds on the Utah/Arizona border just past Colorado City (aka Pligville). Ethan played with Grandpa and Grandma Hadley for the day. We weren't able to bring our own bike because we couldn't get our trailer lights to work so we borrowed a 4-wheeler from my parent's friends. We had a great ride with awesome views of the backside of Zion National Park and the Mail drop that was used get the mail from Kanab, Utah and Fredonia, Arizona to Springdale, Utah (the entrance to Zion National Park).

Taking a break to do some shooting, notice Jeff relaxing.
Ellie climbing the rocks.Jeff and I.
Doing some rock climbing.
My dad.
My dad, my nephew Jacob and my brother Newell overlooking the Mail drop.
Springdale (the entrance to Zion National Park) is at the bottom of the V in the mountains.
Jeff and I.
Jeff and I, again.

Newell and Jacob getting stuck in the mud.
The backside of Zion National Park.
Kristina and Ellie & Newell and Jacob.
View from the top just before it got dark. We were able to find a lot of fossils here. My nephew, Jacob, had both pockets on his pants full and Jeff filled a Ziploc bag full.