Sunriver - March 2013

March is nearly over and I finally have a few moments to post blog...

The 1st weekend in March we met the Hall/Seifert family in Sunriver for a weekend trip. Ethan and Hunter had lots of playing as well as brotherly-love tattling and Mom's and Dad's had some much needed relaxing. We have only been to Sunriver in the winter time so I am looking forward to someday going in the summer.  Here's to fun times, great company, yummy food, and lots of laughs...and crying!

 Bike riding....and H's tears.

 Indoor pool

 Lunch at Deschutes Brewery

 Awesome baby Watson!
 Boys and their toys playing Mindcraft

 Would have been a really cute photo if my camera wouldn't have moved and cut off the tops of heads.

 My climber

The 3 of us then stopped at Smith Rock on our way home...believe it or not, Jeff and I used to rock climb and repel....and we definitely have a climber in our boy...so working towards being fit enough to get back in the harness again.

A few other random pictures from this month....

 What do you think his favorite color is???

 Garden time


Shamrock run 2013

Let the racing begin...the first of many this year beginning with the Shamrock 5k.  My plan was to run the 5k, however, my foot isn't 100% yet so I decided it best to walk and joined my friend Desi, along with 35,000 other runners & walkers in the wave of green. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Love a smile!

I didn't realize it was also Spring picture day on free dress day but gotta love his smile!