Christmas Tree Hunting

We went out today to get our Christmas Tree. On the years we spend Christmas at our own house, we get our tree from a U-cut Tree Farm just outside of Oregon City. This year Jeff's parent's are coming for Christmas.

Ethan checking out all the little trees.

Ethan and Daddy.

This is our tree - Ethan liked it the best.

Ethan helping Daddy tie the tree to the car.

Ethan wanting to get his stroller out of the car - His eye is just a little bluish-black today but not too bad.

Bumps and a black eye...

We had a nice relaxing Turkey day up until Ethan and Copper were playing and Ethan ran into the corner of the coffee table. I am sure it hurt really bad at the time, but 20 minutes later he was giggling and playing with Copper again. He will have a black eye for sure but as rough as he is we can guarantee that it won't be the last.


Only the big slide will do.....

Ethan really loves to go to the park down the street from our house. He is really good at climbing the equipment and is not interested at all in the little slides.


Messy Art

Today Ethan started his Messy Art class. His buddy, Hunter, is also in the class and boy did they have fun. They played with fingerpaints, made a sunflower, and played with Flubber. Both boys thought they should also try to eat the Flubber, but they both had a great time and Amy and I are glad to have left the mess for someone else to clean up.


Ethan is 16 months old!!!!

Yes, our little man is now 16 months old. He amazes me with how he changes and grows each day. I had surgery the end of last week to clean up and attempt to repair a tear in my wrist, so Daddy spend a whole lot of time with Ethan. Ethan loved it, however, I am sure Jeff was glad to go back to work today. The "terrible 2's" have been with us for a while but it makes things a lot harder when you only have one hand to work with and it isn't your dominant hand. Diaper changing is the worst. Copper is such a good dog with Ethan and has always let him do whatever, but the little man just won't leave him alone. He pinches him, pokes him, pulls his ears, pulls his tail and THEN give him loves. The poor dog starts to whimper if Ethan even gets near him. I am sure he will out grow this, let's just hope that Copper lives through it.