Time to party!!

Today we celebrated Ethan's upcoming 4th birthday with his best buddies, Peyton, Hunter, and Violet.  We had a spectacular time playing at Bullwinkle's and then a picnic for lunch with birthday treats and presents.   
Ethan said "we can made a birthday hat out of paper like Special Agent Oso," however, mommy had already made Ethan a birthday shirt and bought him a new B hat for his birthday instead.

Ethan, Peyton and Violet rode the go karts while Hunter played mini golf.  We played lots of arcade games and played in playland.

Ethan needs to be a bit taller and gain a little weight in order to really work the rope swing, but he managed the best he could. 

Nicole, Peyton, Jeff and Ethan riding the motion ride.

 Birthday treats - Rice Krispy treat popsicle and Oreo cookie balls

Ethan also got some great birthday presents from his friends, Star Wars Lego's from Violet, Cars 2 Lego's and Cars 2 Finn McMissile from Petyon, Beach toys and a Lightening McQueen flashlight from Hunter and a cash register from Grandma Carol (Hunter's Grandma).

After Bullwinkle's, Violet and Shelly joined the 3 of us to see Cars 2.  It was a cute show but both Jeff and I thought the 1st Cars movie was better.  Ethan and Violet had quite a good time together and as we were walking back to the car had to hold a hand with someone, so why not each other.  It was really cute!

Thanks to all our friends who joined us today...we had a great time celebrating with you!

Welcome Baby Taylee!

Yesterday morning at 12:30 a.m. baby Taylee Ann Hadley made her entrance into the Hadley family.  We are very excited for George (Jeff's brother), Brittney and Avery for their newest addition.  She weighed in at 8 lbs 8 oz and 21 inches long.  Christmas is a long ways away still to be able to see her in person but we are looking forward to meeting her.


Summer is here...maybe!?!

We finally have our first week of dry weather and although there have been more clouds than sun I am psyched that it has not raining.

Ethan is doing awesome at riding his bike without training wheels.  He and I have ridden our bikes to the park several times this past week and he is getting better with each time.  We also brought out the summer toys, bubbles, chalk and hopefully soon..the slip and slide.

The dogs think the bubbles are just as much fun as Ethan.

Our goodwill (D.I) moved to its new location and opened this morning so Ethan and I climbed our way through the masses of people and got a couple of pretty sweet deals, Ethan a golf bag and a few clubs and a water cooler for us to take camping....woo hoo!

We are all looking forward to the next 2 upcoming weekends to celebrate our little guy turning 4.  As his birthday is the 1st and most people make fun plans for the 4th of July weekend, we did the same so there will be lots of celebrating him.  We are going to celebrate his birthday this coming weekend with his best buddies, Peyton and Hunter and can't forget baby Olivia at Bullwinkles followed by M&D taking him to see Cars 2 and then on his birthday we will be going to the beach for a fun-filled extended weekend of camping.   


No more training wheels...YAY!!!

Ethan and I have been practicing for a few minutes each day since we took his training wheels off on Sunday and today he finally did it, we are very proud of him.  Way to go Ethan!!!

The cheers were for the baseball game going on but we were cheering for him.


Being self-employed, I rarely get a completely free day from work, however, today was one of those rare occurrences so I was glad to be able to take full advantage of the day off.  A 10 mile bike ride along the river this morning and then Ethan and I went to see the awe of the fleet at the Rose Festival.  Jeff and I have lived in Portland for nearly 12 years and while I have seen each of the bridges go up many, many times, I have never stopped to see a boat actually go through the opening.  The Army ship was leaving this afternoon as Ethan and I were leaving the festival so I finally got the chance.

 Burnside Bridge

 The Navy ships have a lot of security around them so it was a lot harder to get a good picture.


Frisbee Golf

Fun for all with lots of laughs.  We met Amy, Aaron and Hunter at McIver Park for a round of Frisbee golf and bbq....and then played our "USA illegal lawn darts" and monster golf.  Ethan was a great caddy for Amy and we all will need to work on our frisbeeing (? is that a word), but we had lots of fun anyway and it was nice to have H & E along to join in the fun.  I do think the 4 of us are much better at regular golf though.

 He has to get some muscles somehow.

 Lawn darts are awesome fun!

And who does love a Oreo cookie mustache.


Quit eating random things!

It is always something with Mr. Charlie.  He is one fast sneaky little dog that hopefully soon will grow out of puppy stage...doubting it but crossing our fingers and toes anyway.

Tuesday evening I was petting the crazy dog, as he happened to be holding still for longer than 10 seconds, and it felt like the right side of his face was bigger than the left side.  It did appear to bother him or be painful but on Wednesday morning it seemed to be even bigger so I called the vet and took him in to see what might be the problem.  The vet thinks that maybe he have chewed a stick or something that poked inside somewhere and $75 worth of antibiotics and warm compresses several times a day later, hopefully the swelling will go down within the next week or so.  His lesson of course was short-lived, yesterday afternoon he was back at his sneaky tricks of taking who-knows-what underneath the deck.  Now that summer is finally arriving lattice will be covering the base of the deck soon so he will have to find a new hiding place.


A great day for the zoo!

This morning Ethan and I met Jen & Rubie at the zoo.  It was a perfect day of no jacket and sunglasses.  Rubie used to live across the street from us and is a year and three months younger than Ethan but they are probably the same weigh and height.  Their family is just one of a handful of our friends and family who are all expecting baby girls in the next couple of weeks.

 Watch out for dinosaurs....funny that he decides to stick his head in its mouth.


Ethan's 1st parade

The Rose Festival is this week so Ethan and I met Nicole, Peyton and Olivia at the Junior Parade this afternoon to see their first parade.  Both E & P had fun playing with bubbles while we waited for it to start and soon lots of "keeping Portland weird" begin to ascend down the road.  Overall it was a good time but who knew that unicycles were so popular!?!...there must have been over 100 throughout the whole parade.

 First marching band...they are really loud when you are that close.