Just another day!

As long as I have known Jeff, he has never been overly concerned about having a birthday.  When he turned 40 last year he told me it was just another day, no big deal.  He also tells no one it is his birthday, as he doesn't want any attention drawn towards himself, so either I have told you or you have known him a really long time.  I, however, love to celebrate birthdays so this year his birthday present was the xbox Kinect, which we purchased last weekend and had great family time playing some of the games and demos and this coming weekend the 2 of us are meeting up with the double A's for a round of golf and lunch.  HAPPY 41st BIRTHDAY JEFF!  

Here is a video of Ethan playing Kinectimals.  The tiger cub mimics Ethan as he moves and plays.

He also dislikes having his picture taken hence I am posting a picture from last year.

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poopsie said...

happy birthday jeff...cant wait to celebrate!