Summer is here...maybe!?!

We finally have our first week of dry weather and although there have been more clouds than sun I am psyched that it has not raining.

Ethan is doing awesome at riding his bike without training wheels.  He and I have ridden our bikes to the park several times this past week and he is getting better with each time.  We also brought out the summer toys, bubbles, chalk and hopefully soon..the slip and slide.

The dogs think the bubbles are just as much fun as Ethan.

Our goodwill (D.I) moved to its new location and opened this morning so Ethan and I climbed our way through the masses of people and got a couple of pretty sweet deals, Ethan a golf bag and a few clubs and a water cooler for us to take camping....woo hoo!

We are all looking forward to the next 2 upcoming weekends to celebrate our little guy turning 4.  As his birthday is the 1st and most people make fun plans for the 4th of July weekend, we did the same so there will be lots of celebrating him.  We are going to celebrate his birthday this coming weekend with his best buddies, Peyton and Hunter and can't forget baby Olivia at Bullwinkles followed by M&D taking him to see Cars 2 and then on his birthday we will be going to the beach for a fun-filled extended weekend of camping.   

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