Parent/Teacher conference & school picture

Jeff and I went to meet with Ethan's 2nd grade substitute teacher for his first parent/teacher conference at Sacramento Elementary.  His teacher, Mrs. Foreman, has been on maternity leave since school started and will be back after Christmas break so we don't yet know how her teaching will differ from the substitute.  Mrs. Guthrie has been the substitute and really is a nice lady who had many good things to say about Ethan during this conference.  Of course, he has broken out of his shell and has made a few friends as well as likes to talk, but overall she stated that he was doing well and right where he should be.  I have struggled with this school as their communication for anything is non-existant and very difficult for me to adjust to with it being the complete opposite of St. Therese.  Time will tell but hopefully at the end of the school year he will still right where he should be.


Happy Halloween 2014!

The Hall's always throw the best Halloween party, and this year was no different.  We had a great time with our friends and even met a couple new ones. 

 Tayler as Batgirl
Ethan as Harry Potter

 The Hall's
 The Fiebiger's
 The Hadley's
 The Hyatt's
 The Campbell's
 My Girls--Kate, Amy & Nicole
 Our boys--Hunter, Peyton, Ethan & Jackson
The Springer's


Happy 38th!

Happy 38th Birthday to me!!!  As yesterday was my last day at OHSU, I get to have my birthday as well as the next four days off.  It was a pretty quiet birthday but did go to dinner with Feebs & Keith at Benihana, which is always yummy! And we also got new couches.


Kate has a new job!

The last 2-1/2 years I have worked at OHSU in the Perinatology Clinic aka high-risk OB and for the most part I have really enjoyed the job as well as the people that I have worked with.  About 6 months after I started working there, I was asked to take on a second job becoming the office assistant for the Childbirth Education program.  To make both jobs work with picking Ethan up from school by 3pm, I opted to begin my day at 6am, which for the most part was not bad with the exception of the 4am alarm.  It gave me lots of new opportunities to work with different people and projects.  About a month or so ago it was decided that the Childbirth Education office assistant position would be combined with a new admin assistant position and therefore my hours would be cut.  I decided that between paying to park $13/day as well as union dues for a part-time job, that I would check out what other possibilities might be available.  I accepted a position back with Legacy Health Systems at Emanuel Hospital as an office assistant for the Outpatient Rehab Department.  My last day with OHSU is 10/21/14 and my first day with Legacy will be 10/27/14.  


Corn Maize at Sauvie Island - Ethan's first time

Last night we met Adam, Desi, Taylor & Kelly at the Taproom for dinner before heading to the Corn Maize at Sauvie Island.  As this was Ethan's first time at the corn maize and he is a bit terrified of scary things, Jeff, Ethan and I opted for the non-scary corn maize while the others wanted to pee their pants in the haunted maize.  At first he was a bit scared and was holding onto Jeff's hand as his life line until about 5 minutes into the maize and then he decided it was fun after all and began to lead us through all 10 check points.  At times he can be exhaustively negative so it was really nice to here on our way home that he had a really fun time. 

Friends for Life

Naomie and I met when she came to work as a CNA at Zion Care Center just after we had graduated from high school and she moved from California to live with her Great-Grandparents in LaVerkin.  We instantly became friends and nearly 20 years later her daughter, Tayler, lives with us, as she moved here just after graduating from high school to attend college in Portland.  Yesterday, October 11th, was Tayler's 18th birthday and Naomie and her husband, Mark, were able to come to Portland for a visit.  It was so good to see her and catch up as it has probably been 10+ years since we have seen each other. 

 Naomie, Newell & I in 1995

Swedish fish....Naomie and I constantly had these tasty treats, as well as carmels, candy corns and bottled water in our side pockets of our scrub pants....so many fun times and pictures we chatted about over the weekend. 


Sunday Adventure - Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail

Today we took the bikes on an adventure along the Historic Columbia River Highway State Trail that is along the freeway leading to the Bonneville Dam and Cascade Locks.  It was another 80 degree day and a really nice ride...with the exception of E, who constantly has to be complaining about something. 

Then we headed to Lee Farms for Apple Cider donuts and to feed this cute little guy.

Jeff also got a new car this weekend, a 2009 Acura TSX.  He sold his Honda Accord to my brother, Doug, and drove it to him the first weekend of October. 

 An who does love a rainbow shot.