Early Saturday morning Ethan and I are leaving Daddy at home with the dogs and going on Ethan's 1st airplane ride.  We are flying to SLC, Utah to visit our family and to celebrate my Grandma turning 80.  We plan to have many fun-filled adventures, including getting to meet cousin Kiara for the first time, visiting with Uncle Doug and going to Hogle Zoo, a sleepover at Aunt Lori's house while Mommy & Grammie Berg go to the George Strait/Reba concert, driving to Hurricane to visit the rest of our immediate family, lots of playtime with cousins Avery, Jacob & Ellie, getting to ride Papa Steve's bus at Zion National Park, having lunch with old friends, celebrating Aunt Lori's birthday, having a big birthday bash for Grandma Caldwell turning 80 and then flying back home.  We are so very excited for this adventure!!!

Today in the mail Ethan received a fun letter from G&G Hadley.  I thought it was cute so I had to share. (You can click on the images to enlarge them)



Happy Dance!!!

Today ends my 6-month Coumadin DVT protocol...and I am doing the happy dance!!!  No more nightly reminder alarm, no more medical alert bracelet.  I went to my PCP last week after my final INR blood check and he said all is well.  I will have to have a gammit of coagulation blood tests in 6 weeks and if I have another surgery of any type or have another baby I will have to take some precautions but heres to hoping that no further complications will come regarding DVT's aka blood clots!!


Poor Riley

Charlie has once again found himself in trouble...this time Riley paid the dear price.  Charlie apparently has a disturbance of stuffed animals with beady eyes...he must think they are staring him down or something as he has destroyed so many of Ethan's animals this same way.

Last Friday Charlie was fixed and it was the quietest, most somber he has ever and probably ever will be.  The following morning he was back to his mischievous self.  Unfortunately with Charlie, Ethan has to keep all his toys either on the table or in his room with the door closed, which is frustrating for him and for me as I am constantly saying "did you close your bedroom door?" and "better go see what Charlie has now", as well as listening to him cry because Charlie took something outside under the deck.  Hopefully someday he will grow out of this destructive state.  Copper has never been "a bad boy", as Ethan says, like Charlie, so we are hopefully that it will end eventually.  However, now that Riley may need an eye patch, he will be visiting Aunt Lori next week and maybe she can work her sewing magic to help the poor monkey out.  Thank goodness for Riley #2, whose eyes are stitched and not beaded, and has been a lifesaver a few times, such as the bag balm incident of July '09, although now Ethan will really be able to tell that something is different with Riley.


He says some entertainingly funny things....

Ethan cracks me up several times a day with the thoughts and ideas that come out of his mouth.  I have to write them down so I don't forget:

Stripe, boulder out! (Strike, batter out! - Yep, he is a baseball fan, we just bought our tickets to go see the RedSox in August)

Tell and show (show and tell, I thought he was saying talent show so I had to check with Nicole to see what they do in preschool on Fridays as Peyton is in the same class)

When we returned home from school on Monday I was using the restroom to which he told me that I couldn't go potty because I didn't have a penis.

He asked Aunt Lori last summer right after he was potty-trained, "do you have a penis like me?"....she was a little caught off-guard and tried not to laugh while responding to him.

I was told by one of the preschool teachers earlier this week that he is quite a ladies-man with the little girls.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Peyton's house to celebrate his birthday and Ethan was having a great time playing with all of Peyton's Legos.  The next day he told me he didn't have enough Legos and we needed to go to Petyon's house and get some more.

After his first day of preschool on Wednesday of last week I was talking on the phone to Jeff and was telling him that Ethan was really nervous, which surprised me.  When I went to drop him off on Friday last week he told me he was nervous and couldn't play at school.  How does he even know what nervous means let alone use it in the correct context?

He has recently been playing Lego Indiana Jones on xbox.  He also has started to sing/hum/scream the song to the movie...which is cute & funny but also draws much staring from others when we are out and about....the grocery store line, an elevator, a restaurant...you get the picture and may have experienced the same kind of thing.

Ethan asked for some M's so I put some in a cup.  He looked in the cup and said, "those aren't M's, they say E."  I turned the cup around so he could see the M and he said, "oh, those are M's.


I knew the day would come...

However, it is a little bittersweet for me.  Today Ethan started Preschool at New Beginnings.  Last night I was thinking about what today would bring and while I am so excited for Ethan to start this little journey, I am also just a little sad.  My little guy has been by my side, with just a few escapes by mommy, for much of his young 3+ years.  He is my pal, and while at times he drive me crazy, I love to hear him play, laugh, chat about random things, and sing.   He has been very excited for the last several days that today he was going to finally get to go to school...and to make it an even better day, it was Pajama Day so he got to wear his favorite pair of Mater Pj's.
Surprisingly, he was a little nervous and very quiet when I dropped him off.  He didn't cry but I could tell that he was uncomfortable so I sat down with him for a few minutes.  In the few times I have dropped him off somewhere he has always known someone so I can see where it is a little scary.  While he was gone the house was eerily quiet, which usually is a bad sign here, but I was able to get a lot of work done while the dogs slept quietly at my feet.  When I went to pick him up he gave me a big hug and said, "I had a great time today."  So I would definitely say it was a success!!