Poor Riley

Charlie has once again found himself in trouble...this time Riley paid the dear price.  Charlie apparently has a disturbance of stuffed animals with beady eyes...he must think they are staring him down or something as he has destroyed so many of Ethan's animals this same way.

Last Friday Charlie was fixed and it was the quietest, most somber he has ever and probably ever will be.  The following morning he was back to his mischievous self.  Unfortunately with Charlie, Ethan has to keep all his toys either on the table or in his room with the door closed, which is frustrating for him and for me as I am constantly saying "did you close your bedroom door?" and "better go see what Charlie has now", as well as listening to him cry because Charlie took something outside under the deck.  Hopefully someday he will grow out of this destructive state.  Copper has never been "a bad boy", as Ethan says, like Charlie, so we are hopefully that it will end eventually.  However, now that Riley may need an eye patch, he will be visiting Aunt Lori next week and maybe she can work her sewing magic to help the poor monkey out.  Thank goodness for Riley #2, whose eyes are stitched and not beaded, and has been a lifesaver a few times, such as the bag balm incident of July '09, although now Ethan will really be able to tell that something is different with Riley.

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The Springer's said...

Oh no! I hope Tootsie stays away from peyton's bruiser dog. So far so good. She also loves those beady eyes and to pull the stuffing out through the eye. Crazy dogs!