Note to self....

Use less bubble bath when you turn on the bath jets.  This was the first time we have used both but boy did he have fun!!


Our First Garden....

We had a very productive weekend...Yesterday we organized and cleaned the garage and can now park both cars back in there, YAY!  Then today we made our first ever garden boxes so hopefully something will come up.  We made three garden boxes (2 sections per box) filled with carrots, radishes, beets, pumpkins, zucchini, summer squash, peas, spinach, watermelon, cucumbers and corn, and we also bought some blueberry and strawberry plants.  Ethan was a big helper with planting the seeds, some much better than others, so hopefully he will want to eat some of the veggies we planted and not just the fruit.

Ethan also got his first remote control truck, he doesn't want help though so he does a lot of circles because he wants to push both buttons at the same time.  Jeff made the boxes and I stained them.

 Ethan and Daddy planting pumpkins.



Personally I think Gnomes are kind of creepy weird. Although, the gnome in the Travelocity commercials does make me laugh at times.  Anyway...While at work one day, my husband, who never tells anyone anything about himself, especially co-workers, told someone that he thought gnomes were kind of cool during a conversation and shortly after they latched onto that small tidbit of information and suddenly all kinds of gnome related "crap" started appearing in his office including an almost 3 foot tall gnome.  When Jeff cleaned out his office at the end of last year to transition to his new job (in the same office) he brought the gnome home. Why?? I have no idea.  Ethan thought it was cool to have a person his same size but it totally freaked out Copper and after the first night I had Jeff put it up in the attic of the garage.  Well, after my crashing skills through the garage door and the new ones being installed we decided to finally start putting some of the boxes away from our hope of moving filled attic, and Ethan soon spotted the gnome.  He was complete scared, apparently forgetting that they were friends just months ago, and ran out of the garage.  Jeff brought the gnome down and talked Ethan into becoming friends again telling him that the gnome would keep our house safe.  They then placed "Schmidty the gnome" in my flower garden in the front yard.  (I am hoping that some random punk kids comes along this summer thinking they are really funny for stealing it from our yard...well, the joke is on you dumb punk kids, just don't stick it in Bernadine's yard with her pink flamingo's because I don't want him staring at me from across the street wanting to come back home!)

 He and Ethan are best buds again and every time we go out front he has to go see him. 


Need some dental floss?

As I stated at the end of the earlier post from today, Ethan went to the dentist this morning.  After his visit they gave him a little bag with a toothbrush and such. I didn't look in the bag close enough to see that there was some dental floss to put out of his reach and this afternoon Ethan brought me the container, which was empty.  Wondering what he did with all the dental floss, I went to his room expecting to find a pile of dental floss left for me to clean up, however, this is what I found...

I remembered hearing his toy sander earlier today and here is where I found the entire container of dental floss so just in case we run out, we will have a stash.  I have no idea how he got this started but it will have to be cut off since it has been wrapped around so many times.

Daddy's play weekend, Saturday Market and the dentist

This past weekend Jeff and Ben headed off for a weekend of 4wheeler riding.  Jeff enjoyed riding his bike so much that he only took a couple of pictures...so just know that the scenery was pretty much sagebrush and dirt with a few mountains and blue sky, like riding at home, but without the red dirt.  Many of the trails were closed so Jeff was disappointed to not be able to ride more of them.


An antelope

While they were away...life pretty much stayed the same at home with Ethan not wanting to go to sleep at night and waking up before hearing the rooster and mommy wishing for some quiet time so staying up way to late and hoping she was dreaming when he started calling her name at 6 am.  BUT, I am really looking forward to the girls weekend coming up in June, where Daddy and Ethan will have a fun weekend by themselves while Mommy relaxes, golfs and gets some much needed girl time with friends.

Amy and I did take the little boys to Saturday Market for a new experience for them and we had to have an elephant ear...YUMMY!  Ethan and Hunter both got a balloon animal (Ethan a red dinosaur and Hunter a blue penguin) and we also had great warm, sunny weather the whole weekend long with high's near the 70's.

This morning Ethan had his 2nd appointment at the dentist to get his teeth checked and cleaned. He did even better this time, it is quite a fun place for a dentist office, and Dr. Andrea was impressed with his clean teeth and gums and no cavities.  Afterward he got to pick out a new toothbrush and a prize (a yellow fish toothbrush and a rubber duckie on a skateboard).  



My b-i-l had this on the family website and it totally made me laugh so I had to share...just in case your skills were out of date.  Click on the link below to see the images.



A Meme: I was tagged, so here you go...

Do you like bleu cheese? Disgusting!

Have you ever smoked? No, although some may have thought so, I have never tried it.

Do you own a gun? No, Jeff's does though, but I would really like a handgun.

Favorite type of food? Italian.

Favorite type of music? Country mostly but I will listen to almost anything.

What do you think of hot dogs? On occasion, but they have to be all beef.

Favorite Christmas movie? Christmas Vacation.

What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Water or OJ.

Can you do push-ups? Yeah.

What’s your favorite piece of jewelry? Wedding ring.

Favorite hobby? currently working out...I am really liking Zumba.

Do you have A. D. D.? No, but some OCD yes.

Do you wear glasses/contacts? Glasses for work.

Middle name? Don't have one.

Name three thoughts at this exact moment: I am so glad Ethan didn't have a nap today so it is totally quite other than me typing, OUCH - I am so sore from Power Sculpt yesterday and lifting and Zumba today, When will Jeff call to say he is on his way?

Name three drinks you regularly drink: Water, BL protein powder and on occasion a Coke.

Current worry? Way to many, where to start...

Current hate right now? No comment.

Favorite place to be? With my family.

How did you bring in the new year? Sick...but with our families. 

Someplace you’d like to go? Mexico...just Jeff and I.

Name three people who will complete this. Whoever.

Do you own slippers? No, I prefer socks

What color shirt are you wearing? RedSox sweatshirt.

Do you like sleeping on satin sheets? I do like my 700-count sheets and they are kind of silky and very soft.

Can you whistle? Not well, but yes.

Would you be a pirate? No thanks, I have issues with cleanliness.

What songs do you sing in the shower? whatever is in my head.

Favorite Girl’s Name? Addison

Favorite boy’s name? Ethan

What is in your pocket right now? I don't have pockets in these pants

Last thing that made you laugh? Ethan...he keeps me quite entertained.

What vehicle do you drive? 2000 Toyota LandCruiser, I LOVE IT!

Worst injury you’ve ever had? Pulled all the ligaments and tendons in my ankle in HS after falling in a hole in the lawn.

Do you love where you live? I like the location and I do like many things about my house but would like to move.

How many TVs do you have in your house? 4

How many computers do you have in your house? 2

If you changed your job, what would it be? I really like my job but would love to be independently wealthy.

If you were granted three wishes, what would they be? To see my family more often, Ethan to be potty trained and my foot surgery to have already been done so that my feet would stop hurting.


Happy 3rd Birthday Hunter!!

This afternoon we celebrated with the Seifert family for Hunter's 3rd birthday at Pietro's Pizza. It is amazing how fast all three boys are growing up and changing so quickly.  Happy Birthday Hunter, we are so glad to have you as a friend!  

Ben, Hunter & Amy

Ethan trying to ride the motorcycle game..he needs much longer arms since he was pretty much laying on the bike.

Peyton playing in the arcade...he thought the guns were gas pumps.

Ethan gave Hunter a bubble machine and a puzzle.

Ethan REALLY liked the cake!


Tulips, tulips everywhere!!

Ethan and I had a great time at the Tulip Farm this morning with Amy, Hunter, Nicole and Peyton.  We haven't had a rain-free day in what seems like forever so we brought our rain boots expecting to be covered...and boy were we after getting suck in the mud a few times.  Amy and I laughed quite a few times at what people were wearing...apparently they forgot that they are in Oregon.  We saw flip flops, high heels, a fur coat, white shorts....HA, I could go on.  You can click on a picture to get a bigger view.

Amy riding the horse because Hunter wasn't interested.

Then Ethan taking his turn.

Duckie races...all three boys love these every time.

Over 40 acres of tulips in all different colors...so very beautiful!

What a cute boy!

The farm equipment is always a hit.

Check out the mud covering Ethan's pants.

Hunter and Amy

Mommy & Ethan

3 little boys waiting for a snack...we had an elephant ear 
(not as good as at Saturday Market but it was good and cinnamon and sugar were everywhere).

We went on the cow train ride just before leaving.


I, Kate Hadley aka Crasher Kate, promise to open my garage door as I walk into the garage before putting Ethan in his car seat so I never, ever, ever back into the new garage door that was put in today because if I do my husband is going to string me up in place of the door.  I will really miss having windows in the garage but these new doors are so quiet compared to the rotting out wood doors. 


What at fun weekend...

Ethan was very excited to get stickers from Grammie and Papa Hadley for Easter.

Last night Stephanie, Amy, Nicole and I went out to celebrate Nicole turning 30 next week.  We saw the movie The Last Song (I would definitely recommend the book over seeing the movie) and then had dinner at the Melting Pot!  Happy Birthday Nicole!!!

Amy, Kate, Nicole & Stephanie

While on our way out of the parking structure I found $23 on the ground...SCORE!

We had 2 yummy cheese fondues and chocolate dessert fondue.

Today we were invited and celebrated Easter with the Froeber's and Seifert's.  We had a yummy brunch and the little boys had an Easter Egg hunt...WOW, Ethan has had plenty of sugar today!

Ethan loved the Cars lightening book....until he saw the Jelly Beans.

My Boys!!

Easter Egg hunt at Grandma Carol's.

Playing paddle balls and eating Pez with Hunter.