What at fun weekend...

Ethan was very excited to get stickers from Grammie and Papa Hadley for Easter.

Last night Stephanie, Amy, Nicole and I went out to celebrate Nicole turning 30 next week.  We saw the movie The Last Song (I would definitely recommend the book over seeing the movie) and then had dinner at the Melting Pot!  Happy Birthday Nicole!!!

Amy, Kate, Nicole & Stephanie

While on our way out of the parking structure I found $23 on the ground...SCORE!

We had 2 yummy cheese fondues and chocolate dessert fondue.

Today we were invited and celebrated Easter with the Froeber's and Seifert's.  We had a yummy brunch and the little boys had an Easter Egg hunt...WOW, Ethan has had plenty of sugar today!

Ethan loved the Cars lightening book....until he saw the Jelly Beans.

My Boys!!

Easter Egg hunt at Grandma Carol's.

Playing paddle balls and eating Pez with Hunter.


B, A, H & C said...

thank you for spending the holiday with us...it was fun, as always with you guys. sugar high is over here...thank goodness!

Anonymous said...
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