Need some dental floss?

As I stated at the end of the earlier post from today, Ethan went to the dentist this morning.  After his visit they gave him a little bag with a toothbrush and such. I didn't look in the bag close enough to see that there was some dental floss to put out of his reach and this afternoon Ethan brought me the container, which was empty.  Wondering what he did with all the dental floss, I went to his room expecting to find a pile of dental floss left for me to clean up, however, this is what I found...

I remembered hearing his toy sander earlier today and here is where I found the entire container of dental floss so just in case we run out, we will have a stash.  I have no idea how he got this started but it will have to be cut off since it has been wrapped around so many times.

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B, A, H & C said...

ha ha...that is great!!