Tulips, tulips everywhere!!

Ethan and I had a great time at the Tulip Farm this morning with Amy, Hunter, Nicole and Peyton.  We haven't had a rain-free day in what seems like forever so we brought our rain boots expecting to be covered...and boy were we after getting suck in the mud a few times.  Amy and I laughed quite a few times at what people were wearing...apparently they forgot that they are in Oregon.  We saw flip flops, high heels, a fur coat, white shorts....HA, I could go on.  You can click on a picture to get a bigger view.

Amy riding the horse because Hunter wasn't interested.

Then Ethan taking his turn.

Duckie races...all three boys love these every time.

Over 40 acres of tulips in all different colors...so very beautiful!

What a cute boy!

The farm equipment is always a hit.

Check out the mud covering Ethan's pants.

Hunter and Amy

Mommy & Ethan

3 little boys waiting for a snack...we had an elephant ear 
(not as good as at Saturday Market but it was good and cinnamon and sugar were everywhere).

We went on the cow train ride just before leaving.


Brad & Amy said...

So jealous!!! I love tulips! I'm still waiting for snow to melt . . argh :)

Kristina said...

Beautiful....we just planted some more tulips yesterday...love 'em. Looks like Fun!!

Anonymous said...
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