Daddy's play weekend, Saturday Market and the dentist

This past weekend Jeff and Ben headed off for a weekend of 4wheeler riding.  Jeff enjoyed riding his bike so much that he only took a couple of pictures...so just know that the scenery was pretty much sagebrush and dirt with a few mountains and blue sky, like riding at home, but without the red dirt.  Many of the trails were closed so Jeff was disappointed to not be able to ride more of them.


An antelope

While they were away...life pretty much stayed the same at home with Ethan not wanting to go to sleep at night and waking up before hearing the rooster and mommy wishing for some quiet time so staying up way to late and hoping she was dreaming when he started calling her name at 6 am.  BUT, I am really looking forward to the girls weekend coming up in June, where Daddy and Ethan will have a fun weekend by themselves while Mommy relaxes, golfs and gets some much needed girl time with friends.

Amy and I did take the little boys to Saturday Market for a new experience for them and we had to have an elephant ear...YUMMY!  Ethan and Hunter both got a balloon animal (Ethan a red dinosaur and Hunter a blue penguin) and we also had great warm, sunny weather the whole weekend long with high's near the 70's.

This morning Ethan had his 2nd appointment at the dentist to get his teeth checked and cleaned. He did even better this time, it is quite a fun place for a dentist office, and Dr. Andrea was impressed with his clean teeth and gums and no cavities.  Afterward he got to pick out a new toothbrush and a prize (a yellow fish toothbrush and a rubber duckie on a skateboard).  


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