This morning Peyton came over the play with Ethan for a bit.  They had lots of fun with Ethan's tools and his puzzles. 

Then later this afternoon Ethan and I colored Easter Eggs for the first time.  He had a lot of fun and especially liked putting the stickers on. 

Last week I started practicing with Ethan to say his whole name.  He says Jeffery really clearly but the rest will need a bit more practice.  It sounds like Ian Jeffery Adley.

When daddy came home one night last week he was talking with Aunt Lori.  Ethan apparently was really interested in daddy's bluetooth so he had a whole conversation with Aunt Lori and told her all about his puzzles.


The Springer's said...

Love the blue tooth pics, so funny. Thanks again for watching Peyton for a while!

Anonymous said...
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