Playtime with the cousins

Ethan has been having a great time playing with his cousins, Jacob & Ellie.

Jacob 6, Ethan 2, Ellie 4

Gotta love dress up shoes

and a shimmer rhinestone hat to go with them.

Today we went to the Washington City Rec center to play in the pool with Jeff's cousin, Chris, and his family and Ethan's Aunt Lexie. Ethan really liked the lazy river.


Jeff's ride

Jeff and his brother George went out on the 4wheelers this morning and got some really great pictures. In Hurricane you can ride the 4wheelers right from the house, which is so nice. Here are some pictures from their ride.

Sand Hollow

Molly's Nipple

Sand dunes at Sand Lake

George - Jeff's brother


2nd Birthday party for Ethan

Yesterday we celebrated Ethan's second birthday with a BBQ, cake and presents with our families. His 2nd birthday isn't until Wednesday, July 1st, but all our families were in Hurricane for the weekend so we took advantage of having everyone together. Ethan enjoyed having all the attention and got some great presents. Thanks to all our families for helping with all the food & Grandma Hadley for making the bear cake.

Ethan loves his bubble mower, however, he is not fast enough to put it to make the bubbles comes out so Uncle George had to try it out for him.


Ethan pet, fed and sat on his first horse this past weekend. My parents rent half of their property to a guy in town for his horses. When they came to feed them on Saturday we got to help. After feeding them a few times with oats and hay, Ethan wanted to just throw the oats on the ground instead so we put him on the horse for a new experience. Ethan is really quick and started to run near the horses back leg and we grabbed him just in time before he might have been kicked into the fence. He was rather unhappy that Mommy had to hold him the rest of the time.

Uncle Jeff holding George & Brittney's baby girl, Avery. She is just over a month old.

Ethan likes her and has given her a few hugs and kisses on the forehead.


Over the mountains and through the sagebrush to Grandma's house we go...

We started out our long journey to Grandma's house on Thursday afternoon at 3:30 pm when Jeff got home from work. Copper was very distraught all day as I was loading the car just sure that he was going to be left behind. We finally stopped for the night (morning actually) about 1:00 am in Mountain Home, Idaho, about an hour east of Boise. There was little sleep as Ethan doesn't sleep well with others in the room, but a shower was nice. We were back on the road again at 9:30 am and got to Salt Lake City at 3:00 pm. We stayed with my Grandma and Brother that night after having dinner with Jeff's brother, sister-in-law, and sister. Saturday morning we were at it again. After grabbing a bagel for breakfast, we began our last 4.5 hour drive to Hurricane. We met up with Jeff's sister as she was also going down to Hurricane for the week. I drove her car and had some great alone time rocking out with the stereo. There was only one mishap with a blow tire after I ran over a large brick on the freeway while following Jeff to Hurricane. We were really glad to finally be out of the car!

Ethan has been showered with so much attention. He has both sets of Grandparents, cousins Jacob, Ellie and baby Avery, 5 uncles, 5 aunts and Copper to play with. He has been having a great time. We finally are getting back on a normal schedule of nap times and bed times and lots of snacks in between.


On the road again and this past week.

This past week we have been busy packing for our vacation. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon when Jeff gets home from work and have a bag full of snacks, DVDs, books, and toys to entertain Ethan and Copper for our extremely long car ride. Hopefully they will sleep some but we are not counting on it.

My parents gave me this guitar for my graduation present (15 years ago, WOW! I'm getting old). Since we are trying to sell the house many of our things are boxed up and out of sight, including our guitars. Jeff pulled them out the other day (he has two, I have one) and showed Ethan how to make them make noise. Ethan really loves music and caught on quickly. He will have a variety of musical instruments to pick from when he is old enough to play as we have several (3 guitars, a keyboard, a saxophone and a flute).

This past weekend Jeff sprayed off the moss from the roof. It was quite a task and made a huge mess but looks really nice for all his hard work. When he was all done we had a lot of clean up to do, which included spraying off the deck and all of Ethan's outside toys. It was then Ethan's time to play with the hose and he and Copper both figured out how to drink from it. Notice he is completely drenched but having a good time.



Ethan had some new firsts this past week so we thought we would share...

First, he received his first report card from his swimming class. He will be a Starfish until he is 3 and can be in the pool by himself, so in the mean time Mommy and Ethan will practice what he learned rather than retake the same class over.

Next, Ethan got his first Band-Aid. He decided he wanted to ride his tricycle down the stairs in the back yard. I am sure this will happen again but there is a first time for eveything. He scrapped up his right elbow and right knee but they have already scabbed over so he is well on his way to the next accident.

Then, Ethan had his first trip to the zoo with Daddy coming. We met some friends at the zoo this . He is really starting to enjoy the zoo and we took his wagon just in case he got tired of walking. We all had a great time!

Ethan and Peyton really liked the black bear,

It came right up to them and Ethan was really excited about it.

Ethan in the eagle nest, sunglasses required.


Water turtles.

Ducks...or "gucks" as Ethan calls them.

The tractor is the most favorite attraction at the zoo for Peyton and Ethan.

Ethan really liked the calves,

the goats,

and the chickens.

Polar bears - they were still napping when we got there.

Samudra "Sami" the baby elephant born last summer.

After the zoo we went to Salvador Molly's with our friends for lunch and then headed home for a long nap. Afterward Ethan had his first bowl of popcorn with Daddy.