Over the mountains and through the sagebrush to Grandma's house we go...

We started out our long journey to Grandma's house on Thursday afternoon at 3:30 pm when Jeff got home from work. Copper was very distraught all day as I was loading the car just sure that he was going to be left behind. We finally stopped for the night (morning actually) about 1:00 am in Mountain Home, Idaho, about an hour east of Boise. There was little sleep as Ethan doesn't sleep well with others in the room, but a shower was nice. We were back on the road again at 9:30 am and got to Salt Lake City at 3:00 pm. We stayed with my Grandma and Brother that night after having dinner with Jeff's brother, sister-in-law, and sister. Saturday morning we were at it again. After grabbing a bagel for breakfast, we began our last 4.5 hour drive to Hurricane. We met up with Jeff's sister as she was also going down to Hurricane for the week. I drove her car and had some great alone time rocking out with the stereo. There was only one mishap with a blow tire after I ran over a large brick on the freeway while following Jeff to Hurricane. We were really glad to finally be out of the car!

Ethan has been showered with so much attention. He has both sets of Grandparents, cousins Jacob, Ellie and baby Avery, 5 uncles, 5 aunts and Copper to play with. He has been having a great time. We finally are getting back on a normal schedule of nap times and bed times and lots of snacks in between.

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Kristina said...

It has been very fun having u guys here! My kids r enjoying the playtime w/Ethan!