On the road again and this past week.

This past week we have been busy packing for our vacation. We are leaving tomorrow afternoon when Jeff gets home from work and have a bag full of snacks, DVDs, books, and toys to entertain Ethan and Copper for our extremely long car ride. Hopefully they will sleep some but we are not counting on it.

My parents gave me this guitar for my graduation present (15 years ago, WOW! I'm getting old). Since we are trying to sell the house many of our things are boxed up and out of sight, including our guitars. Jeff pulled them out the other day (he has two, I have one) and showed Ethan how to make them make noise. Ethan really loves music and caught on quickly. He will have a variety of musical instruments to pick from when he is old enough to play as we have several (3 guitars, a keyboard, a saxophone and a flute).

This past weekend Jeff sprayed off the moss from the roof. It was quite a task and made a huge mess but looks really nice for all his hard work. When he was all done we had a lot of clean up to do, which included spraying off the deck and all of Ethan's outside toys. It was then Ethan's time to play with the hose and he and Copper both figured out how to drink from it. Notice he is completely drenched but having a good time.

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