Ethan had some new firsts this past week so we thought we would share...

First, he received his first report card from his swimming class. He will be a Starfish until he is 3 and can be in the pool by himself, so in the mean time Mommy and Ethan will practice what he learned rather than retake the same class over.

Next, Ethan got his first Band-Aid. He decided he wanted to ride his tricycle down the stairs in the back yard. I am sure this will happen again but there is a first time for eveything. He scrapped up his right elbow and right knee but they have already scabbed over so he is well on his way to the next accident.

Then, Ethan had his first trip to the zoo with Daddy coming. We met some friends at the zoo this . He is really starting to enjoy the zoo and we took his wagon just in case he got tired of walking. We all had a great time!

Ethan and Peyton really liked the black bear,

It came right up to them and Ethan was really excited about it.

Ethan in the eagle nest, sunglasses required.


Water turtles.

Ducks...or "gucks" as Ethan calls them.

The tractor is the most favorite attraction at the zoo for Peyton and Ethan.

Ethan really liked the calves,

the goats,

and the chickens.

Polar bears - they were still napping when we got there.

Samudra "Sami" the baby elephant born last summer.

After the zoo we went to Salvador Molly's with our friends for lunch and then headed home for a long nap. Afterward Ethan had his first bowl of popcorn with Daddy.


Kristina said...

Looks like you guys have been having lots of fun...U got some great pictures! Cute ones 2!!

george said...

you guys are awesome. the zoo is the shiz-nit. I cant wait to see you next week. we are going to have so much fun. later dudes