2nd Birthday party for Ethan

Yesterday we celebrated Ethan's second birthday with a BBQ, cake and presents with our families. His 2nd birthday isn't until Wednesday, July 1st, but all our families were in Hurricane for the weekend so we took advantage of having everyone together. Ethan enjoyed having all the attention and got some great presents. Thanks to all our families for helping with all the food & Grandma Hadley for making the bear cake.

Ethan loves his bubble mower, however, he is not fast enough to put it to make the bubbles comes out so Uncle George had to try it out for him.


B, A, H & C said...

what a GREAT cake...how cute is he hugging it! happy birthday ethan. when you get back home we will celebrate with your buddies!

The Houston Family said...

I love the one of him hugging the cake! That is priceless!