Spring has Sprung...or is this an April's fools joke early?

Earlier today the sun was shining with no rain clouds in sight, so I thought I would take the opportunity to take a picture of my flowers popping up all over my front yard...tulips are one of my favorites and I am looking forward to going to the Wooden Shoe Tulips Festival in the next couple of weeks.  

Not even a half hour later...a major downpour of hail and then rain.



My registration was received and my check cashed so there is no going back now.  What have I gotten myself into?!?  While I am excited for this I am also terrified...I have never been a runner other than for a few track races in middle school, which I remember vaguely.  I will start my fourth week of Couch to 5k on Sunday with 4 weeks to go of training and then 7 weeks from this coming Sunday I will hopefully (crossing my fingers while typing) be ready to run the full 3 miles.  But, Amy, my girly pal and exercise buddy, is also running along with another friend Amy, so if nothing else I can bring a rope and they can drag me along.  If somehow I think I can survive this 5k, there is another race called Portland Skirt Chaser 5k in August that I am thinking of signing up for as well.  Wish me luck! 


Today we had a busy day but got a lot accomplished and had a little fun as well.  First thing this morning we were at the gym, then off to home depot for a new pot and soil, then tree rearranging, then a pedicure and eyebrow wax for Mommy, Pizza from Giuseppe's for dinner and now an evening of movies.

Jeff made a very nice looking wheeled stand for our new pot.  When Jeff and I bought our house 9 years ago next week, our friend Kit bought us a Japanese Maple tree as a house warming gift.  It has since been moved now for the third time to this new pot and hopefully will continue to grow. 

While moving this tree as well as putting another tree in its former place Ethan found the worms...and he was loving it!

Check out the length on this worm....totally disgusting to me but he was having a great time.


Ethan was practicing his gun-shootin' skills so here's some pictures for you Aunt Lex and Uncle Brian!

Man of the hour by Norah Jones

Jeff played this song for me the other night and it made we laugh so I though I would share...



Fun day for St. Patty's day at the Children's Museum

This morning we met Amy, Hunter, Nicole and Peyton at the Children's Museum for a fun-filled morning.  The boys had so much fun, especially in the water room, grocery store and dig pit.  We had some good mommy conversation and some great laughs!

Scoping out the grocery isle, apparently he only likes fruit...big surprise there!

Making sandwiches with Nicole and Peyton.

Peyton driving the Ambulance while Ethan radios in the emergency.

Taking care of the babies...Peyton is going to be a big brother in November so he is working on his skills.  Congrats Nicole, Brandon, and Peyton!

Water, water, everywhere!!!

And of course Ethan likes to make a big splash and was completely drenched!
Duckie races...and all three boys in the same pictures.

This alligator is getting a good teeth brushing.

Picture Perfect!!

Peyton gave us a really good laugh, he picked black of all colors to face paint with.

Dig, dig, dig...having so much fun.

And snacks afterward is always a good time.


Quiet, lazy, Sunday afternoon...

This past week I worked my butt off...literally....still have a long way to go but it is a start. 

Sunday, I started my first Couch to 5K.  For anyone not knowing what that is, it is a 3x a week/8 week jogging and walking program that gets you ready to run a 5K (3.1 miles). 

Monday, Amy and I did the Aqua class and boy were we both in for a surprise thinking that it would be pretty easy since 99% of the class was well over 60....ya right, it wore me completely out and that night I think I had the best nights sleep I have had in a really really long time.

Tuesday, 2nd Couch to 5K

Wednesday, Amy and I tried our dance skills out for our first Zumba class.  It was a BLAST!  I don't believe that I have ever sweated so much.  The lady told us that depending on how much effort you put into it you could burn 700 calories in the 60 minute class.  It has great upbeat music that keeps you moving and the room was completely packed with all ages and body types of women so you have no time to feel awkward.
Here is a link for anyone wanting to see what it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5Hxw_Jf2B4

Thursday, 3rd Couch to 5K

Friday, back for another round of Zumba, although I had a rough start to the day backing into the garage door and all so I didn't eat enough and my energy level was not all the way up but still managed to make it through the class.

Saturday...rest day.

Today, back at it again with my 2nd week of Couch to 5K. 


How do I make such a grand exit???

To be honest, this is the second time that I have done this...however, much more damage occurred to the door the second time around as my car is much taller than the last one.  Thankfully there was no damage to my car.  I have a bad habit of doing things too fast and wanting everything done "right now" and in combination of a 2-year-old having a tantrum and arching his back in his seat so that I had a hard time getting his seat belt on him, then finally getting it on, turning on my car  and pushing the garage door opener button and backing out without looking in the rear view mirror.

As I am typing this, Ethan is looking at the pictures and keeps repeating "Momma, its broken".  Thanks little guy, appreciate ya!!!  Jeff is not going to be happy with me today as this will probably need a professionals help.


Vroom, Vroom...

Fun time playing cars with Daddy.  Uncle Doug gave Ethan this rug for Christmas and he has thoroughly enjoyed it...and of course Copper always has to be involved.

Rubie (our neighbor friend) came over to play for a bit on Tuesday morning while her Mommy ran an errand.  Rubie looks very cute in Ethan's hard hat and she really loved all the play remotes we have carrying 2-3 at a time.  We are working with Ethan on sharing and boy at times is that rough...don't kids always want whatever the other one has at the moment.


Here is a picture of Ethan's tantrum in the lion den.  Right before this picture it was looking down at us...but Ethan didn't miss a beat with his tantrum and the lion did not even phase him.  P.S. Thanks Amy for taking a picture since I was not able to.