Fun day for St. Patty's day at the Children's Museum

This morning we met Amy, Hunter, Nicole and Peyton at the Children's Museum for a fun-filled morning.  The boys had so much fun, especially in the water room, grocery store and dig pit.  We had some good mommy conversation and some great laughs!

Scoping out the grocery isle, apparently he only likes fruit...big surprise there!

Making sandwiches with Nicole and Peyton.

Peyton driving the Ambulance while Ethan radios in the emergency.

Taking care of the babies...Peyton is going to be a big brother in November so he is working on his skills.  Congrats Nicole, Brandon, and Peyton!

Water, water, everywhere!!!

And of course Ethan likes to make a big splash and was completely drenched!
Duckie races...and all three boys in the same pictures.

This alligator is getting a good teeth brushing.

Picture Perfect!!

Peyton gave us a really good laugh, he picked black of all colors to face paint with.

Dig, dig, dig...having so much fun.

And snacks afterward is always a good time.


The Springer's said...

Love that last pic..you're looking skinny girl!

B, A, H & C said...

nic, i was going to say the same thing...kate, your face looks thinner! :) good job!