On the road again....Basalt, Idado

This year we made our way to Yellowstone for family vacation.  We stopped along the way in Basalt, Idaho, home of my Dad, to visit Kathryn (my dad's cousin), as well as show Jeff and Ethan my grandparent's house and visit their graves.  It will be 20 years in September since my grandma passed away and 19 years in December since my grandpa passed away, and I haven't been to Idaho since then.  We had a nice visit with Kathryn and then made our way to Idaho Falls for the nights sleep before meeting our other family members the following morning to head to Yellowstone.

 Myself, Kathryn & Mona
 Kathyrn & Ethan
 My grandparents house...in serious need of tree maintenance but still looked the same otherwise.  It brought back some great memories.

 View from our room balcony in Idaho Falls.


When we grow up....

During the last day of Kindergarten program, the tables were decorated with framed photos of what each child in Ethan's class wants to be when they grow up...When asked what he wanted to be, Ethan said, "I do not want to be anything, I want to be a dog."  Irene, Pua's mom (one of the girls in his class) was in charge of taking the photos so she made him up a dog sign and snapped a picture for us.


Batman birthday with friends

As Ethan will be spending his actual birthday as well as most of July in Utah with both sets of Grandparents, and summer plans are quite busy for all of us, we celebrated tonight with our close friends at a Batman themed birthday party.

 Joker juice with bat ice cubes
 Treasure hunt with the clues leading to the bat pinata...

 Answer: Plum tree in the front yard.

 Answer: Penguin (in the freezer)
 Answer:  Mom's computer

 Answer: Ethan's bed
 Answer:  The garage

 A co-worker of mine, Linda, is quite a seamstress and made me this shirt and cape for the party

 Ethan and Joel - Joel just graduated from 8th grade at St. Therese and is also Ethan's babysitter.  They had had lots of fun at school as well as at our house and he and Ethan have become good friends. 
 The 3 most handsome boys I know....Hunter, Peyton & Ethan
 Mommy & Ethan (where did the past 6 years go?)
 Our besties

 Dad's - Brandon & Aaron finally had their turn after each of the kids hit is twice with no luck of it breaking.

Aaron & baby Watson (6-months old)

 Always gets a new Boston Red Sox hat from Mommy

 Ethan's 1st birthday party

Ethan's 6th birthday party


Last day of Kindergarten

What a mixed emotion day - Ethan has grown immensely (his brain, not his legs) this school year and we are so proud of all that he has accomplished.  When we went to his "Back to School Night" to meet his teacher, she stated that she was very strict and that by the end of the year all the kids would be reading and writing, which amazed me.  He has proven her correct.  While we will miss having Ms. Brocka as his teacher (I couldn't have asked for anyone better as his first teacher) we are looking forward to meeting Mrs. Hayes and beginning 1st grade.

 Ms. Brocka with Ethan

 His class performed a musical program of several of the songs they learned throughout the year.  Ethan must have been distracted the whole program, as he kept his hands in his pockets and only sang a line or two from a couple of the songs.

 Peyton being silly.
 J.C., Petyon & Ethan - three handsome boys!

 And one sharp looking boy!