Last day of Kindergarten

What a mixed emotion day - Ethan has grown immensely (his brain, not his legs) this school year and we are so proud of all that he has accomplished.  When we went to his "Back to School Night" to meet his teacher, she stated that she was very strict and that by the end of the year all the kids would be reading and writing, which amazed me.  He has proven her correct.  While we will miss having Ms. Brocka as his teacher (I couldn't have asked for anyone better as his first teacher) we are looking forward to meeting Mrs. Hayes and beginning 1st grade.

 Ms. Brocka with Ethan

 His class performed a musical program of several of the songs they learned throughout the year.  Ethan must have been distracted the whole program, as he kept his hands in his pockets and only sang a line or two from a couple of the songs.

 Peyton being silly.
 J.C., Petyon & Ethan - three handsome boys!

 And one sharp looking boy!

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