2:45 a.m.

Fortunately, I don't think J and I will have to worry about one little boy ever wanting to sleep in our bed.  Way too early this morning Ethan startled his sleeping mommy by jumping up on our bed stating that he was checking to make sure mommy was okay because there was a monster in his room and the spiders were going to get the monster.  Both J and I said we were okay and then I asked him if he wanted to cuddle up with mommy.  He said yes, and climbed under the covers next to me.  Maybe 90 seconds later he said...Can I go back to my bed now?  I said, you sure can and I walked him down the stairs back to his room, where he fell back asleep as he was climbing back into his bed.  He has been like that from day 1 in never wanting to stay in our bed for more than a couple of minutes before asking the same question.  We are really glad he likes his own bed and prefers sleeping in it...now if he could just teach the dogs to do the same.  He is still talking about the monster this morning so it must have been a pretty vivid dream.



Blueberry u-pick has finally arrived.  This was the 1st time we have picked blueberries, which are much easier to pick than strawberries, which we did a couple of weeks ago, and we will definitely be doing it again next month.  Today we met Peyton and Nicole at the Blueberry farm on Sauvie Island and we picked just over 7 lbs each.  Ethan and Peyton were both very helpful in only picking the blue ones.  I love doing this with the boys and glad to have adult conversation with Nicole at the same time. 


Give them a try...

Here are a couple of new recipes that we tried this past week from Fitness Magazine...they were both yummy and will definitely be made again.....double click on the pictures below to enlarge and print.

What we have been doing...

Summer is speeding quickly by us, however, we have had little sun to truly feel like summer.  On a positive note though, our power and water bills have been less as we have only used our A/C 2 or 3 times.

Some things that have keep us busy the last couple of weeks have been....Berry picking (strawberries were lacking but looking forward to blueberry picking soon), going to the movies , date night, bbq with friends, playdate with Peyton and Olivia, visit and held baby Katelyn Barone, signed Ethan up for a new school, Jeff's company bbq, picking lots of strawberries and peas from our garden, tried some new recipes, riding bikes around the neighborhood, and running through the sprinklers in the backyard.

Peyton and Ethan provided us some great entertainment when we had them over for a bbq last weekend.
And Olivia is getting big so fast.

Earlier this week Ethan told me that Peyton was coming over for a picnic...he pulled out applesauce, mandarin oranges, fruit snacks, raisins and oatmeal...we may have to have a picnic with something other than fruit in the coming week.


Foxtail...where did you come from?!?

After almost a month of being on expensive antibiotics with minimal success, Charlie was taken to surgery today to see what was causing the lump in his face...a fox tail.  Not sure where it came from but as he will eat anything I am glad they found something when scoping around. 

 This picture doesn't do it justice, it was the size of a tennis ball before we took him in for surgery today.
The cone is hysterical...I really feel bad for him as he walks with obstructed peripheral vision...but it makes me laugh.
 I think this is going to be a messy weekend.

Note to Charlie...please quit eating anything you can find, lets stick to dog food and treats please.


4 yr stats

Ethan saw his new pediatrician, Dr. Hahn, this morning for his 4-year check up.  Dr. Heffernan retired last month, which we were disappointed about, but Dr. Hahn will be a great new pediatrician for him.  Normally I cannot get him to stop talking, however, it took Dr. Hahn quite a few minutes to get him to say anything....and then the flood gates opened.  She thought he was very bright, articulated his words well, and answered all of her questions.

His stats are:
Age: 4
Weight: 30.5 pounds (25%)
Height: 39 inches (25%)
BP: 88/52

He also had his last 4 shots so no more are needed until he is 11, which he is very happy about.


Happy 4th Birthday Ethan/4th of July Weekend

We had a fun-filled birthday/holiday weekend, Friday was Ethan's 4th birthday and after opening his presents, we left for the beach staying at Newport/Waldport KOA...playing in the sand, flying kites, riding bikes, roasting smarshmallows (as Ethan calls them), visited the aquarium and watch fireworks over the bay.

A scooter and triple baseball slugger from M&D

 Better then in a tent, now if it just had it's own bathroom/shower.  Ethan loved the bunk bed.

 Great wind for kite flying, not so much for picture taking.

All the fun wore him out...at least he held onto the sucker!