2:45 a.m.

Fortunately, I don't think J and I will have to worry about one little boy ever wanting to sleep in our bed.  Way too early this morning Ethan startled his sleeping mommy by jumping up on our bed stating that he was checking to make sure mommy was okay because there was a monster in his room and the spiders were going to get the monster.  Both J and I said we were okay and then I asked him if he wanted to cuddle up with mommy.  He said yes, and climbed under the covers next to me.  Maybe 90 seconds later he said...Can I go back to my bed now?  I said, you sure can and I walked him down the stairs back to his room, where he fell back asleep as he was climbing back into his bed.  He has been like that from day 1 in never wanting to stay in our bed for more than a couple of minutes before asking the same question.  We are really glad he likes his own bed and prefers sleeping in it...now if he could just teach the dogs to do the same.  He is still talking about the monster this morning so it must have been a pretty vivid dream.

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