Justin Timberlake Concert - 11/20/14

Tonight was AWESOME!  Nicole, Amy, Sherri (Amy's SIL) and I went to see Justin Timberlake in concert.  We had such a good time dancing and singing and were all hoarse when it was over but one of the best concerts I have been too.

Nicole and Amy mean so much to me and I appreciate them and their families being in our lives!


Filling someone's Bucket & Ethan's first love note

Through Ethan's school they have notes that they can write to someone else to "Fill their Bucket."  Ethan has come home with a few notes that his classmates have written to him for being helpful and being kind but one especially made us smile....his first love note.  I have no idea who Julia is but cute regardless.



Today was our last game for Fall 2014 soccer.  We have had a fun season practicing with another team and all the boys seemed to have a great time.  Most of our games we lost, however, the last few games we were able to win and today Ethan scored 2 goals.  It was very exciting.  It is a huge commitment to coach sports, and I am not the best for sure, but Ethan really likes that I am his coach and that makes it worth it.