Visit with G&G Hadley

Jeff's parents were here visiting us for Christmas and Ethan had a great time playing with them and keeping them entertained. They had to go home today. Here are some cute pictures from their stay. We hope to see them again really soon.


Merry Xmas!!!

We have had a great Christmas with Jeff's parents here visiting. Ethan had a blast ripping off all the paper and was very impressed with all his gifts.

Ethan's new Christmas jammies.

Playing with Grandma and the new blocks Grandpa Hadley made him. So many shapes and sizes.

Ethan's new Boston Red Sox blanket that Mommy made him.

Ethan's duckie blanket from Grandma & Papa Berg.

Lego blocks wagon from Mommy and Daddy.

Camel bak.

This is Ethan's new chair from Grandma & Papa Berg. Mommy is using it as a timeout chair for Ethan currently.

Reading his new Curious George book with Grandpa Hadley.

Hadley family portrait, Simpson style. Jeff's brother made this for us. Thanks Brian!!!

Every Christmas Eve, for my entire life, my family has traditions of having taco's for dinner and making and decoration homemade sugar cookies. Jeff and I have continued the same traditions and this year we are doing it on Christmas day as Grandma & Grandpa Hadley's flight didn't arrive until after Ethan went to bed last night.


Santa is coming.....

Today we ventured out and met Ben, Amy, Hunter and Amy's parents at Mall 205 to meet Santa. Hunter had his photo taken first and he was not at all happy to see Santa. (check out Seifert's block to see that classic picture, maybe next year will be better). It was then Ethan's turn and after seeing Hunter's traumatic time he decided that he was not getting out of Daddy's arms, so we had a family photo. We then had lunch with our friends and went shopping at Target. We are now anxiously awaking the arrival of Jeff's parents. Their flight has not been delayed as of now so they should be here in a few hours. Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!


Still snowing....

Jeff dug our driveway out for the third time last night and wasn't able to get onto the street with his car, so he stayed home again today. We made the best of it and played in the snow with the 4wheeler after Jeff and I dug out the driveway AGAIN for the fourth time while Ethan took a nap. I can only image what it would be like if we didn't dig it out at all. I think Jeff and I and the neighbor behind us are the only ones on our street that park in our garages - I am so thankful for that.

Jeff and Ethan riding the 4wheeler

Fourth time digging out - where will we put it if it continues???

Cool picture of the sun trying to show through.


New snow totals.....

Here are pictures from this past weekends storm. So far there has been 11.5 inches of snow in the Portland area for the month of December, 9 of which have been in the last two days, and we are supposed to get another 1-3 inches again tomorrow. On our news they say it is the largest amount of snowfall in the area in 40 years. Jeff has dug our driveway out twice in hopes of being able to get to work tomorrow with his chains on. Ethan loves the snow and we can't get him to come back in the house without carrying him crying and Copper we can't get to go outside unless we force him. My friend Amy and I were planning on taking the boys to have their pictures taken with Santa tomorrow, I guess we will have to try Christmas Eve instead.


Snow week!!!

This week started off with our first snow/ice storm of the season. This is Ethan's first time in the snow and he loves it. I had to carry him in the house crying today because his hands were bright red and cold, as he won't wear his mittens.

Here is a picture of Monday's storm....they guy on the bike is one of our neighbors. Why would you ride a bike in the snow/ice???? He came back to his house and rode the bus within a few minutes. The snow was gone within a couple of hours but in Oregon we usually get freezing rain more than snow so all the schools have been closed for most of the week. Jeff and I usually laugh when the schools close for this much snow, as we have both lived in SLC, Utah, where they usually have a lot of snow and very rarely close the schools.

Ethan peeking out Copper's dog door to find me, as I walked out to the garage.

Here is a picture of the snow this morning (Thursday).

Ethan eating his oatmeal breakfast in his new chair at the kitchen table just before getting ready to go out and play in the snow.
Copper is always looking for anything that Ethan drops, although oatmeal is rather messy.

Lets play in the snow....

We are supposed to have a major snow/ice storm this weekend and another on Christmas Eve, right in time for Grandma & Grandpa Hadley to arrive. Hopefully their plane won't be delayed, as Las Vegas had snow this week as well.


Funny and cute pictures of Ethan

Ethan cuddling with Copper.
What a cute smile!!
Ethan loves remotes - we found two remotes that go to TV's we no longer have and gave them to him and we keep the good remotes out of his reach. He carries them everywhere.

Again, with the remotes.
Ethan loves shoes, just like his Uncle Doug. He can even walk in Mommy and Daddy's a few steps before tripping. Earlier this week he was playing with Copper and he had lifted up Copper's back foot and was trying to put it in my shoe. Copper was just a little annoyed but it was funny to watch.


Christmas cards, here we come!!!

Today we attempted to get our Christmas Card picture taken by our friends Ben, Amy and Hunter. Here are some pictures of that adventure - you will have to wait until later this week to see what one we picked.

Ethan and Copper both do better with Candid photos and that is how we spend the rest of the day.