Yellowstone (warning...picture overload)

Six days on this beautiful adventure of Yellowstone.  One perfect house, great company, awesome weather, one lost boy, one lost tooth, nearly 700 pictures, lots of hills & bike climbing, and some spectacular views...it was a fabulous vacation!!!

 This buffalo was looking for a way out of the crowd and came charging right for our car, thankfully he found his way out without damage.

 Old Faithful....we had a lost boy at Old Faithful.  Jeff and I thought he was with G&G & Uncle Brian and they thought he was with us.  It was a very scary moment when I got the call from the rangers desk that they had Ethan.  Never have I been so glad to have spent the $20 for his Road ID bracelet.

He lost his second top front tooth in the parking lot of the Lower Falls.


 Mountain goat is the white speck in the middle of the mountain.

I really really wanted to see a moose, but no luck.  On the way home, Brian saw a moose and took a picture for us since we were going the opposite way.

We stayed at a cabin/house in Big Sky, Montana, about 50 minutes away from West Yellowstone.  I forgot to take before pictures so the beds are messy but it was a really nice place.  Ethan also got to climb the rock wall and trampoline at the resort, as well as we also saw Monsters University and had his birthday party (#3) as he was going to Utah for 4 weeks and we didn't get to be with him for his birthday. 

Jeff and I decided to drive home through Montana, Northern Idaho and Washington.  We hadn't been that way before and it was a much prettier view than going on I-84 like we have done for so many years.  We stopped in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho for lunch and took a bike ride along the downtown pier & beach area.  It was beautiful and I hope that we can make that our next vacation stop.