Ethan's 1st Birthday Party!!!

We celebrated Ethan's 1st Birthday this past weekend even though his official birthday is not until Tuesday, July 1st. We had a great time, although it was quite hot at 99 degrees for the BBQ. Ethan really liked the cake that Grandma Hadley has made for him and had a great time making a mess with it. We have some great friends who were able to join us in celebrating Ethan and we finally got a picture of all three little boys, Peyton - 16 months, Hunter 14 months and Ethan - 12 months. They had a lot of fun together. HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY ETHAN - WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

1st Birthday celebration with G&G Hadley and Aunt Lori

We celebrated Ethan's 1st Birthday with G&G and Aunt Lori before they left to go home.

Grandma & Grandpa Hadley and Aunt Lori come to visit...

Grandma & Grandpa Hadley and Aunt Lori came to visit last week. Ethan had a fun time taking lots of rids in his new wagon, playing and blowing bubbles with Grandma.


No climbing the truck...

Ethan likes to climb anything he can. As you can see, he was not happy when I told him to get down.

Ethan's first haircut

Ethan had his first haircut on Friday. He was really good for the lady and looks so handsome.


Can you clap...

Ethan has just learned how to clap.

Ethan and his monkey's

Ethan loves his Monkey's (Riley is the brown monkey, George is the blue monkey)

Doggie park with Copper

Yesterday we took Copper to play with Murphy and Chevelle, Lisa and Joel's dogs. Ethan is showing off his pushing skills.

Ethan and Mommy

Happy Father's Day!!!

Hi Everyone! I finally have time to start our blog. Jeff had a nice Father's day, spending time with Ethan!!