Olivia's baptism

The Springer family has been a part of our lives for many years now and we were honored to be invited to see Oliva baptized this afternoon.  She is a beautiful girl with a contagious smile.

 Springer Family (Nicole, Peyton, Olivia and Brandon)

 Uncle Randy and Aunt Amy are her godparents.
 Grandpa Prazeau with his girls!
 We also took the opportunity to have Amy take our family picture, as it is a rare occasion.


When he plays a character...

He plays a full-on character...as usual he plays the most recent character that he has seen, i.e., Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker, Batman, Mario, Snoopy, etc.  So of course today would be no different after seeing Puss in Boots yesterday.  Last night he went to bed in his "orange jammies" and this morning he woke us up with his boots already on, his hat on sideways, and needed help putting his (batman) belt on to hold his sword that he made out of tinker toys.  He then told me that we needed to look outside to find a yellow bird that lost one of its feathers so he would have one for his hat.  He even got himself a cup of Leche (milk) to drink like in the movie.  The only thing he appears to be missing is a tail.  You see the resemblance between the two, right?


A day of laughs from the boy...

This morning we were watching some music videos on Youtube.  Jeff clicked on Katy Perry's video, The One That Got Away, and near the end of the video the guy gets distracted while driving and ends up driving off a cliff.  Ethan then blurts out, "I guess that was the end of the road." and "I guess he didn't want to go to work."

Then this afternoon we took E to see Puss in Boots.  After we picked out seats, I asked E if he needed to go potty before the the movie started.  He replied with, "No, but if you need to go potty I will watch the movie for you while your gone."

He keeps us laughing!!


Let the countdown begin!!!

Ethan kept asking us how many days until we get to go to Grammie's & Papa's houses? (our parents only live a few blocks from each other). So we decided to start a countdown so he would know when it is time for us to go to the airplane.  Across the top of the TV is 44 pieces of candy, with the last day being a gigantic jawbreaker, which will be entertaining to watch him eat.  We are very excited to get to fly home for Christmas this year and be with both of our families, with an added bonus of not having to spend 4 days in the car, and I am equally excited to get to see one of my best girlfriends get married the day before we leave.  I better get busy, the fast approaching Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays will be here before I know it!!

And with all 44 pieces of candy, E decided he better run on the treadmill to keep his slim figure...and Phineas and Ferb are always a great watch...silly boy even put his water cup in the drink holder (he can't reach it mind you, but he was trying to be like mommy).