When he plays a character...

He plays a full-on character...as usual he plays the most recent character that he has seen, i.e., Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker, Batman, Mario, Snoopy, etc.  So of course today would be no different after seeing Puss in Boots yesterday.  Last night he went to bed in his "orange jammies" and this morning he woke us up with his boots already on, his hat on sideways, and needed help putting his (batman) belt on to hold his sword that he made out of tinker toys.  He then told me that we needed to look outside to find a yellow bird that lost one of its feathers so he would have one for his hat.  He even got himself a cup of Leche (milk) to drink like in the movie.  The only thing he appears to be missing is a tail.  You see the resemblance between the two, right?

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