We have had a fun weekend...Jeff took Friday off so he will have a 4-day weekend and we have had a wonderful relaxing time.  Friday we working on the yard while it rained on us, including mowing the back lawn, which was probably 8-10 inches tall.
Saturday afternoon we went on a 10+ mile bike ride and checked out the scenery on marine drive.

And this morning Jeff and I went golfing and then had the Seifert's over for a bbq and birthday cake....

I rarely am in a picture as I am always the one taking them...so here are my golf clubs.  I am so excited for girls weekend this coming Friday and will be golfing with my girlfriends so maybe I can get a picture there.

Happy 40th Birthday Baby!

Finally a family photo and my hair is all messy from golfing in the rain, guess that is what happens when you live in Oregon!

Apparently Copper felt left out so he needed to finish off the rest of the cake, YIKES, I was on the phone with my dad and hadn't seen Copper for a few bit so I walked in the kitchen and found this.


Movie date with my boys!

Ethan was so excited to see his first movie in the theater, we took him to see Shrek Forever After this afternoon, which he loved!  He was quite cute sitting on the booster seat with his water cup and bucket of popcorn.  And Bonus...his ticket was free, since he is 2, and we also got the popcorn free!  He is looking forward to seeing Toy Story 3 in a couple of weeks, which he will also get into free....after his birthday though I am not sure about paying $7 for him to see a movie.

Here are some old pictures of Ethan that I took on my phone that I finally uploaded the pictures...

Ethan fell asleep while riding on Papa Steve's 4wheeler when we were home for Christmas.

Gotta love the glasses.


As we are driving on the freeway tonight into the sun, which apparently I should have put Ethan's sunglasses on him but didn't think he would need them at 7 p.m on a rainy day....

Ethan:  Mama, the sun is hurting my eyes.

Mama:  Sorry buddy, I can't fix it right now.

Ethan:  Close the sun Mama!

Then on our way home about 30 minutes later...

Ethan:  Where did the sun go Mama?

Mama:  It went to sleep, we will see it again tomorrow.

Ethan:  Mama you need to wake it back up!



After probably 10 years it was time for a change, I decided to give bangs a try and while they will be be a challange as I have always tucked my hair behind my ears, I think I am going to like them...and so did Jeff so added bonus!

On a side note...Daddy was home today with Ethan while I got my hair done and he told Daddy he wanted to wear big boy pants so he wore the same pair the whole time I was gone (about 3 hours) and went potty 3 or 4 times...Way to go Ethan!...and Daddy...and of course since I am home now we had to have our first accident, how does that work??


Run Girlfriend Run!

We ran and we kicked butt!!  Today I ran my first 5k and crossed the finish line just a couple minutes behind my friends at 44:41 as #93 out of 123.  Thanks Amy S. and Amy F. for your friendship, support and motivation!  And a big thanks to Jeff for being there with Ethan at the finish line, it meant a lot to me. 

My little guy Ethan.....Kate, Amy F. and Amy S.


Dozer Days!

Rocks, dirt and earth moving equipment = one happy boy!  We met the Seifert's today to check out dozer days.  Ethan was very excited to get to ride in the back of a dump truck as well as play in a huge sand box.  He wasn't old enough yet to drive the equipment (he has to be 4) but had a great time nonetheless. 

Daddy & Ethan

Mommy & Ethan

Lot of equipment to climb on and see.

Waiting in line to ride the dump truck.

First time in a dump truck...oh what fun!

Cement slide not so much fun.

First time sitting in a fire engine and then he got a badge sticker and tattoo.

Playing in the tires.

Ethan and Hunter filling up the dump truck with sand.

And had to have a big stick Popsicle before we left...he needs to learn to eat them faster as I am sure more of it melted on him than he actually tasted.


Ethan wanted a Fiber One Chocolate & Oats bar for breakfast this morning...this was the end result at which time he said, Good chocolate Mama!


No tantrums, YAY!

Ethan and I headed off to the zoo for the morning just the two of us.  We had a great time and there were NO tantrums, which mommy was really pleased about.  We even sat on the bench and had a snack while watching the lions (previous to now Ethan has had a tantrum in the lion exhibit every time we have gone).  They are opening the Dinosaur exhibit in a couple of weeks so they were getting the dinosaurs set up and Ethan was really excited about that.  They even have a remote that the kids can try out to make the dinosaur move, which he loved trying it out.  

Ethan's favorites are always the monkeys and Orangutans.

All 4 of the elephants were out today.

The Giraffe's have been inside the last two times we have gone, hopefully they will be roaming out in the open soon. (they are mommy's favorite)



Tonight we all met for bowling at Hollywood Bowl...and we had a blast!  It was the first time for the little boys and all three wanted it to be their turn every time. 

Always the classy bowling shoes.

Ethan trying his hat on the balls.

Jeff and I.

First time...knocked one down.

Hunter's first time.

Second frame...


Ethan and Peyton.

Making sure his form is okay.

Boys having a good time.

 Nicole, Kate & Amy

Amy won some great stickers with her tickets, however, Amy's looked like red pimples instead of classy earrings...silly girls!