No tantrums, YAY!

Ethan and I headed off to the zoo for the morning just the two of us.  We had a great time and there were NO tantrums, which mommy was really pleased about.  We even sat on the bench and had a snack while watching the lions (previous to now Ethan has had a tantrum in the lion exhibit every time we have gone).  They are opening the Dinosaur exhibit in a couple of weeks so they were getting the dinosaurs set up and Ethan was really excited about that.  They even have a remote that the kids can try out to make the dinosaur move, which he loved trying it out.  

Ethan's favorites are always the monkeys and Orangutans.

All 4 of the elephants were out today.

The Giraffe's have been inside the last two times we have gone, hopefully they will be roaming out in the open soon. (they are mommy's favorite)

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