We have had a fun weekend...Jeff took Friday off so he will have a 4-day weekend and we have had a wonderful relaxing time.  Friday we working on the yard while it rained on us, including mowing the back lawn, which was probably 8-10 inches tall.
Saturday afternoon we went on a 10+ mile bike ride and checked out the scenery on marine drive.

And this morning Jeff and I went golfing and then had the Seifert's over for a bbq and birthday cake....

I rarely am in a picture as I am always the one taking them...so here are my golf clubs.  I am so excited for girls weekend this coming Friday and will be golfing with my girlfriends so maybe I can get a picture there.

Happy 40th Birthday Baby!

Finally a family photo and my hair is all messy from golfing in the rain, guess that is what happens when you live in Oregon!

Apparently Copper felt left out so he needed to finish off the rest of the cake, YIKES, I was on the phone with my dad and hadn't seen Copper for a few bit so I walked in the kitchen and found this.

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The Houston Family said...

I thought about giving Jeff a ahrd time about hitting the big 4-0 but since I'm a year older............