Dozer Days!

Rocks, dirt and earth moving equipment = one happy boy!  We met the Seifert's today to check out dozer days.  Ethan was very excited to get to ride in the back of a dump truck as well as play in a huge sand box.  He wasn't old enough yet to drive the equipment (he has to be 4) but had a great time nonetheless. 

Daddy & Ethan

Mommy & Ethan

Lot of equipment to climb on and see.

Waiting in line to ride the dump truck.

First time in a dump truck...oh what fun!

Cement slide not so much fun.

First time sitting in a fire engine and then he got a badge sticker and tattoo.

Playing in the tires.

Ethan and Hunter filling up the dump truck with sand.

And had to have a big stick Popsicle before we left...he needs to learn to eat them faster as I am sure more of it melted on him than he actually tasted.

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Billy said...

That looks way too fun! Will would love that. I hope they get on the ball in Utah and start dozer days here too.