My confession...

Tonight while reading my cousin Stephanie's blog (Thanks Steph) I decided, like her, that if I talked about my issue than I might be able to work on it rather than continue down my current path. I am not going to make any excuses, I got here all by myself. When I was younger I could literally eat anything I wanted without gaining any weight and I never had to exercise, I was always really thin. Now sure, I did activities in school that kept me active, but I have never liked exercising so I never worried too much about it.

First...I am really tired of being overweight. I told my mom as a kid that I was never going to be overweight, and I wasn't for a long time, but WOW have I eaten those words in the last several years.

Second...I have an addiction to TV, and I really like the show "Biggest Loser", however, for the last 8 seasons I have sat my butt on the couch while eating junk food and saying "I really should be working out while watching this". I also really like the new Dr. Oz show and he is a great motivator.

Third...I want to be a better, healthier role model for Ethan. He has already picked up some habits that Jeff and I have had and I want to curb them before they get out of hand.

So tonight I started...I put on my new pair of running shoes and I watched biggest loser while doing my first Couch to 5k workout. From here on out I will be working on changing my Coca-cola habit back into a water habit, exercising regularly and eating healthy foods so that I can be a much happier person with myself and pass those habits onto Ethan.

Wish me luck, it will be a bumpy ride.


This week has been pretty laid back and we are getting ready for fall to begin. This weekend was probably our last warm weekend, with today's top temperature of 85, which will be dropping 20 degrees later this week with rain...so sad to see summer go. Our realtor had an open house today so we spent yesterday cleaning up the yard and house. Ethan had a fun time helping and he was very excited to help carry the weeds to the wheelbarrow. He has learned how to say "fhanks" (thanks) recently and when daddy would give him a weed to put on the pile he would say "fhanks" and then clap afterwards. He has also learned how to do knuckles, which actually is more like fisting the top of your hand, but he gets the idea and claps after he does it as well...quite funny.

Copper has found another soft place for a nap...if only he would sleep with Ethan at night and then Jeff and I could have a good night sleep.


Race for the Cure

Jeff, Ethan and I, along with 40,000+ others walked in the Race for the Cure today. It was definitely the slowest 5k (3.5 miles) we have ever walked, but for a great cause. I had planned to walk with a few friends, however, it didn't work out so I asked Jeff to go with me. He was really not interested but went along anyways and when we went to sign him and Ethan up and pick up their t-shirts yesterday he asked me "what have you gotten me into?"


Oaks Park

This morning Ethan and I met our friends at Oak Amusement Park, a small amusement park in Portland, where kids 6 and under can ride the kid rides at a slower pace on Tuesday & Wednesday mornings during the summer. This was my first time there as well. Ethan and Peyton had a great time and rode all the rides but Hunter was not interested. They really liked the airplane, motorcycle and car rides. Ethan has no fear of the rides but he was scared by the guy dressed up in a squirrel outfit.

Our attempt to get all three boys to look at the camera at the same time, always a failure.

Hunter waited patiently while Ethan and Peyton rode the carousel.


all about I.

I am frustrated with my lack of motivation to work out.

I think life is what you make of it.

I have an addiction to sweets.

I wish i had more patience.

I hate being late.

I miss deep sleep.

I fear being alone.

I hear the fan, Ethan playing and my ipod playing Lady Antebellum.

I smell my pound cake baking for Ben's b-day party.

I crave a thinner, healthier body.

I search for additional work.

I wonder if I will get a second call back.

I regret very little, as it is what helps me grow as a person.

I love
my family.

I ache for the families that lost loved ones on 9/11 and in the war that followed.

I am not the best at communicating.

I believe in God.

I dance whenever I hear a beat.

I sing along with every song.

I cry when I am really frustrated.

I fight for the things I cherish.

I win on occasion.

I lose sleep when I can't get my brain to turn off.

I never should say never.

I always mistype receive wrong.

I confuse many things.

I listen to music or the TV constantly during the day.

I can organize well.

I am scared spiders and mice...I know it is completely stupid.

I need to get my butt in gear, literally.

I am happy that we get to go home for Christmas.

I imagine having our house sell soon and moving somewhere closer to Jeff's work so that we have more time together.

I tag everyone.


Playdoh with Daddy

With a great rainy start to our three day weekend, we decided to playdoh with Ethan. He finally figured out what to do after only trying to eat it once, and liked making cutouts with Daddy. Copper also thought it was food and waited so patiently hoping Ethan would drop some for him to eat.



We have been very fortunate and are so very thankful for Kit, Melinda and Thomas and all the hand-me-downs that they have given us for Ethan over the past 2+ years. Once again Kit brought us over 4 bags of 3T clothes, 4 pair of shoes and 2 bags full of pull-ups so Ethan will have a new wardrobe just in time for fall/winter.

Ethan was very excited and wanted to try on his new shoes.