all about I.

I am frustrated with my lack of motivation to work out.

I think life is what you make of it.

I have an addiction to sweets.

I wish i had more patience.

I hate being late.

I miss deep sleep.

I fear being alone.

I hear the fan, Ethan playing and my ipod playing Lady Antebellum.

I smell my pound cake baking for Ben's b-day party.

I crave a thinner, healthier body.

I search for additional work.

I wonder if I will get a second call back.

I regret very little, as it is what helps me grow as a person.

I love
my family.

I ache for the families that lost loved ones on 9/11 and in the war that followed.

I am not the best at communicating.

I believe in God.

I dance whenever I hear a beat.

I sing along with every song.

I cry when I am really frustrated.

I fight for the things I cherish.

I win on occasion.

I lose sleep when I can't get my brain to turn off.

I never should say never.

I always mistype receive wrong.

I confuse many things.

I listen to music or the TV constantly during the day.

I can organize well.

I am scared spiders and mice...I know it is completely stupid.

I need to get my butt in gear, literally.

I am happy that we get to go home for Christmas.

I imagine having our house sell soon and moving somewhere closer to Jeff's work so that we have more time together.

I tag everyone.

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Billy said...

If "I" was to write the same type of blog "I" have 27 things that would match everything you said. Maybe "I" will just copy and paste all about I on my blog.

(Don't tell Chris but, moving closer to work would be great! Esp. the no snow in Dixie part!)