This week has been pretty laid back and we are getting ready for fall to begin. This weekend was probably our last warm weekend, with today's top temperature of 85, which will be dropping 20 degrees later this week with rain...so sad to see summer go. Our realtor had an open house today so we spent yesterday cleaning up the yard and house. Ethan had a fun time helping and he was very excited to help carry the weeds to the wheelbarrow. He has learned how to say "fhanks" (thanks) recently and when daddy would give him a weed to put on the pile he would say "fhanks" and then clap afterwards. He has also learned how to do knuckles, which actually is more like fisting the top of your hand, but he gets the idea and claps after he does it as well...quite funny.

Copper has found another soft place for a nap...if only he would sleep with Ethan at night and then Jeff and I could have a good night sleep.

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amy seifert said...

so cute...love the little helpers! cant wait for more help in my future too...maybe folding laundry...hee hee.