Luck of the Irish!!

St. Patrick's Day fun at school for Ethan and then the Shamrock 5k run for me today...legs are tired but glad that I did it. 


Life will be a changin'...

The past nearly 5 years of being a SAHM/self-employed medical transcriptionist so I could be home with Ethan have been a great adventure and one I will truly miss, however, as he will be starting kindergarten in September, and hopefully full-day depending on what school we decide to put him in, I decided that I wanted a change of pace...along with the help of one of the transcription companies I work for no longer having work for me beginning in April...so I began looking and applied for some positions with OHSU, aka "the hill," aka the university hospital in the Portland area.  Thankfully and surprisingly, I got a call for a phone interview much faster than I was expecting and this past week I went for an interview, a 2nd interview with the staff, and on Thursday got an offer.  Even though it was much earlier than I was expecting to do this, I figured I needed to jump at the chance if there was an opening so I accepted the position and will be doing front office work for a clinic on the OHSU campus.  Unfortunately, life will definitely have many changes upcoming and I am very much appreciative of my mom's willingness to come spend the next few months with us and taking care of Ethan so that I could do this.  Ethan is extremely excited that Grammie is coming and they will have a very fun summer together, one I am sad to be missing.  


New sleeping digs

Ethan is very excited to get to sleep in his new loft bed tonight.  He is growing up quickly and has a small room so we are making the most of the space we do have. It will be a great bed for him, the only down fall so far has been trying to make the bed, which will definitely be a workout for me. *Update*  The first night was a success.  He told me this morning that he slept awesome. 


Soaking up the sun!!

Today we had to take advantage of a perfect SUNNY 60 degree day and Peyton, Olivia and Nicole joined us for a picnic at the park.  The boys played, Nicole and I chatted, and Olivia was just her cute self... the only way to make it a more perfect day would have been for both Nicole and I not to have to go to work but it was fun while it lasted. 

 BFF's...they act just like brothers.
 I got my arm workout in today while pushing both boys in the swings.

And tonight was a beautiful full moon....which also means the crazies are in full craziness...but a worth a picture anyhow.


Green eggs and Ham..Sam I am

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! 

They have been learning about Dr. Seuss at school this week and will celebrate his birthday at school tomorrow so of course we had to have Green Eggs as a tribute.

"You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose." ~Dr. Seuss