Just in time to celebrate...

Charlie turned 1 year old today!!!  We hope we and he survive the 2nd year.  He is a cute pup but he gives us all a run for our money literally...a couple of weeks ago he ate Jeff's wallet.

And last September as he so graciously helped us out with the needing to replace the front window, we finally were able to put on the final touches and it looks spectacular.

Ethan as well keeps us hopping and entertained.  I looked out the back window to see this today...
Apparently he likes mommy's motorbike helmet better than his own as he dropped his helmet just inside the garage door.  And not sure what he is doing with my garden tools cart?!?


Snow Day...at least for a few minutes!!

Snow in general in Portland always makes me laugh...I think in the 12+ years that Jeff and I have lived here I think we have had less than 5 snow storms that we had to shovel snow, put chains on the car, etc.  This morning we work up to an inch or two of snow that was pretty much gone by noon but it was fun while it lasted.  I bundled Ethan up this morning in his snow gear and he played in it for about 15 minutes.  Then he just wanted to be outside riding his bike and playing in the sandbox....and wet sand is always so much fun....come on Summer we want to play outside in the sun!!

This was also Charlie's first time in the snow as well and he was loving it.  He was out playing in it most of the morning.


Girls weekend!!!

This last weekend I went for a girls weekend to Olivia Beach in Lincoln City.  It is always so much fun to hang out with these girls and even met a couple of new ones.  Great girl chat, good food, hot tub that could have been much warmer, shopping, sand and of course wind and rain...it is the Oregon beach.

Summer, Jen, Jill, & Darcy
& Me
 Boots on the beach!!


Today Ethan and I were supposed to meet Rubie and Jen at the zoo but unfortunately Rubie got sick so Ethan and I took advantage of the rain-free day and went ourselves.  We haven't been in a while, probably since summer time, but the 2 of us had a great time. 

 The monkey's and lion's are Ethan's favorites and we were also able to see all 5 elephants all in a pack today, the baby elephant is in the front. 

Today is also the 8th birthday of my nephew, Jacob.
Once again we are sad to miss out but wish him a great day, Happy Birthday Jacob!!


This past week Jeff has been in Las Vegas on a business trip so Ethan and I have been playing as much as possible, but I have also been working a lot so I am truly grateful to be able to work from home and for my little independent guy. 

He has become quite a creator and has a good imagination that is inspiring, hopefully that will continue.

Side note:  Ethan picked out his own mismatched Pj's.

On a very happy note, my friend, Nicole, had a beautiful baby girl, Olivia Sandra Springer, this past Thursday, February 3rd, 2011.  She weighed in at 6 lbs, 12 oz and 21.5 inches long.  She is just precious and I am looking forward to meeting her soon.  Pictures to come.